Indigenous Land Corporation Review – Online Survey

The Indigenous Land Fund was established in 1994 as part of the package offered by the Keating Government.

The fund was created to address to the realization, post “Mabo”, that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people held ownership over Australia before British ‘settlement’ and that the denial of land rights from 1788 to 1994 was an action taken in ignorance of the law and facts. The Indigenous Land Fund was created to remedy that situation.

The Keating Government established the Aboriginal Land Fund to have lands returned through acquisition of properties. The Indigenous Land Corporation was entrusted with the role of providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with land rights.

However over the years the ILC has withdrawn from this primary role, preferring to be a development bank, and duplicating the role of Indigenous Business Australia.

The ILC board is undertaking a review. The details, from the ILC website, describe the review as follows.

The Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) is reviewing its Land Acquisition and Land Management functions.

The National Indigenous Land Strategy (NILS) sets out the policies, strategies and priorities that guide these functions of the ILC.
The current NILS is being reviewed. The ILC Board wants to hear what you think.

To submit your views on possible revisions to the NILS, do the online survey here.

Alternatively, you can email a written submission to <ilcinfo>

The survey and written submissions close Friday 10 August 2012.

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