Rallies on Vic. building industry code and jobs in the mining industry

 YouTube of Kevin Bracken’s (MUA, state secretary) speech on 4th July outside Parliament House in Melbourne during the building workers stop work and rally.

About 12,000 construction workers at a stop work rally protested against Victorian government’s new building industry code – mini-ABCC.

Immediately after this rally hundreds of workers from MUA, AMWU, CFMEU, ETU, CEPU, etc. continued the march to the Minerals and Mining Council’s Victorian head office demanding jobs for local workers in mining industries and same conditions for guest workers. Secretaries of the MUA, ETU, AMWU, etc. passionately spoke about multinational mining companies and local mining monopolies sending Australia’s mining wealth overseas and declared that Australian workers and communities should share in the mining boom wealth.

There were Asian and Middle Eastern workers at the rallies (who joined in the chant “Jobs for Aussie workers”.) Speakers made strong statements about welcoming overseas guest workers who must get same pay and conditions and explained that EMAs were being used by mining corporations to cut down existing wages and conditions.

This rally was in solidarity with the big MUA, CFMEU and AMWU rallies in Perth and Fremantle against Chevron who refuse to hire local workers, instead bringing in overseas workers, and more generally about EMAs.


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“There is tenderness only in the coarsest demand:
That no one shall go hungry any more”.
Adorno. T, Minima Moralia: Reflections on a Damaged Life, (1951), Verso, 2005, p156

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