Bris Action: Japanese Reactors must stay off-line

Japan must leave nuclear power behind
Brisbane and NNSW support a nuclear-free Japan

Keep the Nuclear Reactors OFF! Letter delivery and protest

Weds June 27, 2012
9:30 for 10am
Japanese Consulate, 12 Creek Street, Brisbane

Japanese citizens and their Australian supporters will be delivering a letter calling for the end to nuclear power in Japan to the Japanese Consulate this Wednesday.

The action is part of a global response to Prime Minister Noda’s announcement that he would re-introduce nuclear power by putting the Ohi reactors back on line.

A coalition of Japanese campaigners have asked for global support stating that “Despite all our efforts, despite the strong resistance in the region of Western Japan surrounding Ohi, and despite the fact that a majority of the Japanese people is against nuclear power, the Japanese government is bowing to pressures of the nuclear lobby in Japan.

We have tried hard on our own, but now we believe that coordinated international pressure on the Japan government is essential to bring on real and substantial change.â€

We believe that Australians have a responsibility to support the Japanese public’s call for change.

Australian uranium fuelled TEPCO reactors at Fukushima. Kansai Electric, the company that owns the Ohi reactors, also purchases Australian uranium.

Many Australians feel deep regret at Australia’s complicity in the ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukushima. We must to whatever it takes to ensure that such a catastrophe never happens again.

The community is invited to gather outside the Japanese Consulate to show their support for a Nuclear-Free Japan.

For more information:
Friends of the Earth Brisbane – Robin Taubenfeld 0411 118 737

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