Film Night to remember Palestinian Land Day

30 March is Palestinian Land Day.

Over 300 people attended the remembrance and commemoration at a film night organised by the Palestinian Arts Culture & Sport Inc (“PACSI”).

Kathyn Zahran outlined PACSI‘s  primary objectives of encouraging the appreciation, and promotion, of Palestinian culture, history, arts, sports, film etc.

This event is a lead up to a Palestinian Film Festival that will be held later this year organised by PACSI. Any sponsorship or donations are welcome especially from the Trade Union Movement. PACSI can be contacted at pacsi2012@gmail

Thanks to Amber Hansen who performed some beautiful traditional Palestinian dance to some wonderful songs. The the name of the songs in order Amber performed them were:

  1. 1. Mawal Sabr Sayaad – sung by Ashraf Abu Leil
  2. 2. Layya Wa Layya – from El Funoun album ‘Zareef’
  3. 3. The Meadow Smiled – from El Funoun album ‘Zareef’
  4. 4. Ya Halali Ya Mali – trad. unknown singer
  5. 5. Ya Shouqy – sung by Ashraf Abu Leil

Thanks to Susan, Kathryn, Bec, Khalil, Samar, Yusef, Emad, Allea, Samir, the Palestinian Association of Queensland and everyone who helped make the night a success.

Films shown were “Lemonade” and “Lemon Tree”.

Director: Hicham Kayed
Duration: 13 minutes
Language: Arabic with English subtitles
Rating: PG
Palestinian brothers try to transcend their predicament as refugees by selling lemonade in their school break. Inspired by a true story, Lemonade is the outcome of a storytelling project run under the auspices of the Al-Jana Resource Centre in Lebanon, and was written, cast and edited with young residents of the Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut.

Lemon Tree (Arabic: شجرة ليمون; Hebrew: עץ לימון – Etz Limon) is a 2008 Israeli drama movie directed by Eran Riklis and codirected by his cousin Ira Riklis.[1] It stars Hiam Abbass, Ali Suliman, Danny Leshman, Rona Lipaz-Michael, Tarik Kopty, Amos Lavi, Lana Zreik and Amnon Wolf. The film describes the legal efforts of a Palestinian widow to stop the Israeli Defense Minister, her next door neighbor, from destroying the lemon trees in her family farm [from Wikipedia].

Ian Curr
Workers Bush Telegraph
April 2012

One thought on “Film Night to remember Palestinian Land Day

  1. At 7pm on Saturday 31 March 2012, Palestinian Arts Culture & Sport Incorporated (‘PACSI’) are screening the film “Lemon Tree” at the Tribal Theatre (formerly the Dendy) at 346 George Street in the city.

    From 6pm onwards there will be Arab food and beverages available and a Palestinian cultural display.

    Based on a true story the film portrays the efforts of a Palestinian widow to stop the Israeli Defense Minister, her next door neighbor, from destroying the lemon trees on her family orchard. The film has achieved critical success and it received nominations for several awards such as ‘Best Actress’ and ‘Best Screenwriter’ at the European Film Awards.

    I’ve attached the poster for the event for your information. Tickets can be pre-purchased/reserved by contacting me or simply purchased on the night.


    Kind regards

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