Climate News for Queenslanders: “Capitalism vs. the Climate”

A link to an interesting article in The Nation by Naomi Klein as well as other Climate Change News

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1. Naomi Klein on the real Climate Revolution

There is an outstanding essay, entitled Capitalism vs. the Climate by Naomi Klein that appeared in the 28 November 2011 issue of The Nation (see,0) and which was posted on 20th December on The Green Pages ( While she focuses on the almost bizarre political scene in the U.S.A. today where politicians hardly dare to mention climate, much of what she says obviously applies to Australia.

Klein argues that acting on climate change really is part of a revolutionary world change- exactly as right-wing politicians fear, but which many climate activists prefer to deny. The quote below sets the scene for her excellent account.

[The success of climate denialists in the U.S.A.]..means that the climate movement needs to have one hell of a comeback. For this to happen, the left is going to have to learn from the right. Denialists gained traction by making climate about economics: action will destroy capitalism, they have claimed, killing jobs and sending prices soaring. But at a time when a growing number of people agree with the protesters at Occupy Wall Street, many of whom argue that capitalism-as-usual is itself the cause of lost jobs and debt slavery, there is a unique opportunity to seize the economic terrain from the right. This would require making a persuasive case that the real solutions to the climate crisis are also our best hope of building a much more enlightened economic systemone that closes deep inequalities, strengthens and transforms the public sphere, generates plentiful, dignified work and radically reins in corporate power. It would also require a shift away from the notion that climate action is just one issue on a laundry list of worthy causes vying for progressive attention. Just as climate denialism has become a core identity issue on the right, utterly entwined with defending current systems of power and wealth, the scientific reality of climate change must, for progressives, occupy a central place in a coherent narrative about the perils of unrestrained greed and the need for real alternatives.

Building such a transformative movement may not be as hard as it first appears. Indeed, if you ask the Heartlanders, climate change makes some kind of left-wing revolution virtually inevitable, which is precisely why they are so determined to deny its reality. Perhaps we should listen to their theories more closelythey might just understand something the left still doesnt get.

Dont miss this outstanding piece (,0).

2. Methane releases and the end of the world.

Further to yesterdays email reference to methane releases in Siberia ( a new entry titled ‘Much ado about methane’ has been posted to at :, arguing that CO2 is still the real problem.(Thanks to John Ransley for this information).

3. A.F.P. spying on green activists

The Sydney Morning Herald on 7th January 2012 carried the story that the Resources and Energy Minister, Martin Ferguson, has secretly pushed for increased surveillance by federal police intelligence officers of environmental activists who have been protesting peacefully at coal-fired power stations and coal export facilities. Read more at

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