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How much should you pay for an eBook Pt 1.?

THE answer to the $m question is we are only guessing how much you should pay as a fair price for an eBook.
 I will try to lay out the arguments as simply as I can. Please feel free to express a different perspective.
First I presume you as a reader want to pay as little as possible for eBooks while contributing to a reasonable income for a good author.
As it stands at the moment, most of the world’s good authors live close to the poverty line unless they can attain income supplementary to their books.
If they are under contract to one of the Big Six publishers their eBook royalties of 17 1/2 % is about double their hard copy royalties. But the prices of eBooks are two-thirds or less than hard copy.
These authors along with their publishers would like to see their eBooks as priced as high as possible.
At tghe other end of the scale you have self-published authors such as Joe Kronath making a more than comfortable living selling mystery and horror novels at $3.99.
Joe has sold truckloads of books, approaching a million copies. If you read his blogs as many do, you will finf Joe has worked his butt off to produce and sell these books.
Most of the world’s good authors have not Joe’s personality, stamina  or affinity for marketing. By all means, buy Joe’s books at $3.99 but don’t think you can can keep mist good authors gainfully employed at $3.99 a pop.
Another point about Joe and other successful self-publishers is they are mostly novelist. Novels are the easiest to format for the world’s eReaders. Joe says  takes him an hour.
For my collection of interactive Gonzoid raves 7 Shouts, I cannot do it. I have to produce two versions, one as a PDF with all its cute photos and another, stripped of photos but retaining beaut links which you cannot  access on static PDF.
While we can celebrate NOT ANOTHER BLOODY COOKBOOK dominating eBooks, the geeks need to improve the  eBook technology before we can attain the precious diversity of print books while enhancing the new gift of interactivity. NEXT TIME: Amazons and Authors. What do they think?

Media statement: Occupy Brisbane

Occupy Brisbane Media Statement:

Wednesday December 28

Occupy Brisbane will hold a rally on December 30, 5pm in King George Square.

Occupy Brisbane is part of a global movement for change. We focus on what unites the majority of the world’s people – the 99% – the vision of a democratic society based on human need, not the greed and corruption of the 1%. We are no longer willing to remain silent while governments and their corporate masters take away our rights and destroy the planet.

At this rally we will speak out about the many issues and concerns that are being raised by the Occupy movement, including the need for social and environmental justice; the need for real democracy in our society; the rights of workers and of all those oppressed, exploited and marginalised in our society and we will speak out about the attacks on freedom of speech as governments try to silence the Occupy movement.

Join the Occupy movement.

We are the 99%
You are the 99%
Together we are strong