Listener of the Left

A friend gave me this – it would be good to do a Left version of the Listener

There should be an emphasis by the Left on civil society because that is where change will come from …. I do not think we have an alternative media in Oz with the possible exception of institutions like 3CR . The Green Left Weekly is another example and blogs like Workers BushTelegraph.

This week Starrie from Occupy Bris was hounded by Channel 9 for an interview when we were evicted from Emma Miller Place with over $4000 in fines .

It would have been good if he could have said ‘we dont need your bullshit corporate media we have our own alternative media’ … but we don’t… to change this takes a lot of organisation … here is the BBC version of the media after the 1945 war … we are now at global war and it is increasing … time to get organised people!

Ian Curr
November 2011


not only by the dramatic events of war, but by the sanity and sense of responsibility of those who plan for peace.

The remoulding of a post.war world from out of the turmoil of war is a part of history with which all men and women of good faith are concerned.

Each week the BBC brings to the microphone experts and the man in the street to discuss things that matter.

The best of these talks are printed each week in The Listener.

Keep abreast of what is being thought and said and done by reading it regularly.

The Listener”

Little Red Book – Guide to the Press of the World.pdf

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