The Occupy movement: views from the left

The Occupy movement: views from the left
A public forum

The Occupy movement is inspiring people all over the globe to stand tall against corporate greed, and giving us hope that we can change society and the world. From what we’ve seen at Occupy Brisbane in the last month, there are a lot of questions and challenges:

– How can the movement make sure Occupations are safe for everybody?
– Even though the Occupation agreed on progressive “safe space” principles, in practice many felt unsafe. How and why does this happen, what needs to change?
– What does it take for us to throw off our old habits and create a space of genuine democracy?
– What range of different political and social ideas did we come across within the movement?
– How can we defend the movement against self-appointed “leaders” who undermine the democracy of the movement?
– Is peace, love and respect really enough?

This forum will hear a variety of views from a left perspective and provide a space for discussion and debate about these questions and many more.

Speakers followed by open discussion:
* Gary MacLennan
* Kathy Newnam
* David Jackmanson
* Ian Curr
* Dave Eden
* Andy Paine

Thursday November 17, 6:30pm
TLC Building (2nd floor)
16 Peel St, South Brisbane

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This is not an Occupy Brisbane forum.

For more information, phone Kathy on 0400 720 757 or email

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