Public rally for free Education in Chile Sat Sept 3, 11am, KGSq

Movement for Peace and Justice – Brisbane
Due to the current and ongoing student protests across Chile, the Chilean community in Brisbane would like to add our voices to those of the Chilean students movement, this which is in response to the ongoing struggle for free and quality education for all as well as demanding justice and democracy amongst other demands.We feel that quality education is a basic human right, not a luxury or a consumer good, as such, the Chilean state and its ongoing process of elimination and co modification of public education (as embodied by the merger, closure and endemic under funding of municipal schools in poor neighborhoods, the high level of student indebtedness, and the increasing precarity of employment for teachers, amongst other ), is reprehensible. The current student mobilization is in opposition to this process of elimination and we feel it is both reasonable and of a necessity to ensure this human right is fulfilled.Finally, we are making the Chilean government responsible for the health and safety for those participating in demonstrations and others activities demanding those basic rights; we find that it is unacceptable that the Chilean government has had a negative response to this, which is a basic right to free and quality education.

The Chilean communityin Australia would like to demand that the Chilean government find a democratic solution to the current student straggle for better education and for them to stop the repression against its people.

This is the reason for our call out to all the communities in Brisbane Australia, we ask you to please participated in a rally in solidarity with the student and their demand against the Chilean government, this will be held on:

This Saturday the 3rd of September, from 11:00 to 12:00 am.

At king George Square, Brisbane

Free education for the Chilean people.

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