Wikileaks: “Fab Five” of the anti-war movement

Pitstop Ploughshares refered to as “the Fab Five” in new set of WikiLeaks released U.S. embassy cables

(SBU) On July 25, five anti-war protesters, the so-called “Fab Five” or “Shannon Five,” were found not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court of criminallydamaging a U.S. aircraft at Shannon Airport on February3, 2003. The five admitted to having used hammers and anaxe to damage the front,  side and rear of a C48 U.S. Navysupply plane, but argued that they had a “lawful excuse” for doing so, as they believed they were acting toprotect lives and property in Iraq. In an unprecedented decision, Judge Miriam Reynolds allowed the use of this defense.

[Editor’s Note: See also on WT  A(n Irish Australian based in London) Catholic Worker Reflection on M20 for Bradley Manning! ]

Ciaron O’Reilly


“The poor tell us who we are,

The prophets tell us who we could be,

So we hide the poor,

And kill the prophets.”

Phil Berrigan

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