Exploding Dunny on Runway STORY makes front page of the NT NEWS!!!!!

The exploding dunny story made front page in the Northern Territory. (Portaloo exploded on runway during Talisman Sabre exercises in Rock, Qld, Australia after a member of RAAF unwisely lights cigarette while using facility!!!)…the same runway where Bryan Law had disarmed a helicopter gunship a few daze earlier (without the equal amount of news coverage of course!)

I spent the best part of a year in the Northern Territory (N.T,). in ’98 & 2000 blockading Jabiluka uranium mine site (we won that one!…shut it down.), in and out of Berrimah Prison for disabling a uranium as part of the “Jabiluka Ploughshares” The NT has a population of approx 180,000 and has become increasingly militarized over the last decade. (se the additional front page story below!)

I can honestly say the “NT News” must be one of the worst newspapers I have ever encountered…the copies we got in jail were heavily censored, a large amount of front page lead stories seemed to be crocodile themed from memory.

The paper described me as “the blood man” as we had marked the excavator we were to disable with our blood…symbolic of all the blood poisoned and shed by uranium, nuclear power/ weapons and depleted uranium. The evening that story ran I was sitting in a pub hoping to hear a lawyer who had given us advice play some music….three uranium miners came up to me in rapid succession and picked me for a fight (not an unusual element in the average night out for some of these boys).

I told them, “I’ll see ya in the car park, if I’m not there in 20 minutes start without me!”..and began to plan a hasty tactical retreat. Never got to hear that lawyer play.

Anyway to make a short story long…..see below the NT News ran with the exploding dunny story as a front page lead…………..some things remain the same

NT News gave it front page – what a great paper!

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