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Celebrate Green Left Weekly’s 20th birthday

[Editor’s Note: Over the next 20 years will GLW be able to take up the Al-Jazeera approach [Egypt’s Facebook revolution] and begin organising via the internet’s social media. What about setting up chat rooms for union activists – the Egyptian … Continue reading


Demands for Inquiry as Bodies of Christmas Island Boat Tragedy Decompose- the TRUTH

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On this night like any other night Maybe raining maybe clear In a world exploding is any heart open? Can you hear us? Can you hear? — from ‘Article 14’ by tony mockeridge. While just 12 of the victims of … Continue reading

By what right do we gather here today?

by Humphrey McQueen

Wikileaks rally, Garema Place, Canberra, 16 December 2010

By what right are we here today? Why are we confident that we can protest and not be shot at by the political police on the fringes of this crowd? We take it granted that we won’t be arrested as we leave. We do not expect to lose our jobs by speaking out for Wikileaks.

The Constitution of the Commonwealth gives us no right to peaceful assembly. The only two rights in that document are fair compensation for confiscated property and freedom from religious discrimination in the public service. Continue reading