Invader of Iraq gets top job at Uni


“The works of mercy are the opposite of the works of war, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, nursing the sick, visiting the prisoner. But we are destroying crops, setting fire to entire villages and to the people in them. We are not performing the works of mercy but the works of war. – Dorothy Day, founder Catholic Worker Movement

Violence and arms can never resolve the problems of man.” – Pope John Paul II

SUNDAY NOV 28th 10.30am-1pm

*Join the Catholic Worker Anti-War Vigil Outside the Brisbane Catholic Cathedral in Opposition to the Appointment of Gen. Cosgrove as Chancellor of Australian Catholic University

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Some of us were greatly disturbed when we read this week that it was that Iraq General Peter Cosgrove has been appointed the new chancellor of Australian Catholic University.

We believe Peter Cosgrove should be one of the last people to be given such a position, after he clearly ignored Papal appeals and the declaration of his own bishops in 2003, by leading Australian forces into a bloody and immoral invasion of Iraq. Tragically his fellow Catholics in Iraq have suffered perhaps more than any, half of them fleeing the country.

Before the Iraq war Pope John Paul 11 declared the coming war “a defeat for humanity which could not be morally or legally justified.”

The Australian Catholic bishops stated on 5 March 2003:

“[W]e believe that the strict conditions of Christian teaching for the use of military force against Iraq have not been met. In particular, we question the moral legitimacy of a pre-emptive strike.”

Peter Cosgrove ignored them both.

Instead he led the Australian forces into an Unjust War.

A grave sin, which he has never repented, only defended.

Where is the intellectual honesty in appointing such a person to lead the Catholic Universities?

Peter Cosgrove demonstrated clearly that when it comes to war, he has ‘No King but Caesar‘.

If you wish to object also, write to your Bishop, ACU vice-chancellor Greg Craven (email ), or your Catholic paper.

6 thoughts on “Invader of Iraq gets top job at Uni

  1. Do not perpetuate the delusion that the religion of Rome has, or ever has had, a commitment to peace or justice.

    Do not pretend or speak as if the Cosgrove appointment is in any way an aberration. You may not like it, but it is business as usual.

    Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker movement exist on the fringe of the Roman Catholic Church, ignored, ridiculed and dismissed by the church. It is they who are the aberration – a dissident sect and no more. It is delusional to hold Dorothy Day as a standard of Catholocism when she and her movement have been nothing more than a small thorn in the side of the institutional church.

    The Roman Catholic Church was created by the emperor of Rome and has continually justified imperial violence and blessed the imperial state and at times been the imperial state. In all its history it has been aligned with – or provided leadership to – European and global capitalist imperialism.

    Within the philosophical framework of dualism at the centre of Hellenist culture and Roman Catholic theology is the separation of spiritual/heavenly reality from political/material reality, the latter being the exclusive domain of the state in Roman Catholic orthodoxy. Cosgrove is an honourable man by Catholic standards because he accepted the authority of Caesar in his material life while still maintaining his personal spiritual connection to the church. There is no contradiction at all, or even a breach of character, in a loyal soldier being appointed head of a Roman Catholic institution.

    The contradiction is peace activists who reject the hierarchy, violence and oppression of the secular state but embrace and give loyalty to religious institutions of the same nature.

    “Truth and Tradition. Why does the church act as an agent of colonisation”

    See also

  2. As many know, some of the greatest suffering after the shock-and-awe invasion of Iraq was experienced by Iraqi christians (sometimes referred to as Assyrians).

    Iraqi Christians
    Iraqi Christians fleeing Iraq (from wikipedia).

    Saul, the pharisee, persecuted Christians but he resiled from it after being blinded on the road to Damascus. Many Christians have had similar epiphanies. Or so the story goes…

    Saul (aka St Paul) must have known what he did was wrong.

    Like Paul, Peter Cosgrove must have known what he did in Iraq was wrong – especially after leading troops into East Timor to stop the slaughter there.

    So Cosgrove should recant, but, unlike Paul, he may never.

    Gen. Cosgrove always had the knack of making things look all ‘goodness and light’ by covering up the dark side.

    Cosgrove has profited directly by such deception.

    In the end, right-wing christians like Bush, Blair and Cosgrove will be destroyed by their lies and murder.

    Ian Curr
    Nov 2010

  3. UPDATED REPORT from St. Mary’s Sydney Cathedral…Catholic Worker Anti-War Vigil Against the Appointment of General Cosgrove to Chancellor of Australian Catholic University by Cardinal Pell

    Peter G, Wayne K. Ross P Jimmy D, Eric S all vigiling at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Cathedra in Sudney Australia opposing Genral Cosgrove’s appointment to Chancellor of Australian Catholic University by Cardinal Pell.

    Jimmy Dodrill (originally from Dublin) cornered General Cosgrove while the General tried to slip in the side door of the Cathedral building. General Cosgrove was made aware of his errors by Jimmy D and asked to resign his position.

    Heavy New South Wales police presence now

  4. REPORTS – Catholic Worker Anti-War Vigils at Sydney/Brisbane Cathedrals Against Appointment by Cardinal Pell of Gen.Cosgrove as Australian Catholic University (ACU) Chamcellor

    YOUTUBE (1min. 50 secs)
    Sean O’Reilly (my big brother)Speaking Out on the Steps of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Brisbane.

    Tony Robertson Blog Report from CWvigil at Brisbane Cathedral….html

    Photos/Report from CW Anti-War Vigil at Sydney’s St. Mary’s Cathedral
    (“Jimmy D” collars Cosgrove trying to do a rummer!)…tment

  5. Photos from CW anti-war action Sydney Cathedral

    * Cardinal Pell…tment

    * Victims of Cosgrove’s War: Opposed by the Papacy…tment

    * Jimmy D (originally from Dublin) Deployed by Briz CW to Sydney for the Day, Cosgrove Under the Brolly…tment

    * Sydney crew at Vigil…tment

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