Support the union at UNSW and Macquarie

To all NTEU Members
Support Your Colleagues at UNSW and Macquarie
An Urgent Message from the NTEU General Secretary

Dear Friend,

Around 150 NTEU members have imposed bans on the transmission of examination results at the University of New South Wales and Macquarie University. NTEU Branch negotiators have spent more than two years trying to secure Collective Agreements which guarantee competitive pay rises, job security, reductions in contract and casual employment and the restoration of employment standards stripped away by the Howard Governments Higher Education Workplace Relations Requirements (HEWRRs) and WorkChoices.

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Urgent solidarity needed

I urge every NTEU member to provide direct support to our colleagues. Their fight is your fight for employment standards which reflect the professionalism and productivity of all Australian university staff.

With your support our Macquarie and UNSW colleagues can win this dispute. You can make a big difference:

· Donate to the Fighting Fund click here: . We need to raise sufficient funds to replace lost salary for our brave colleagues.

If you are an NTEU member at UNSW or Macquarie, any donation you make will be set aside to specifically support your local colleagues imposing bans. Money from the whole NTEU membership will be evenly distributed to members imposing the bans at both universities.

· Send a letter of protest to the Macquarie and UNSW Vice-Chancellors click here: . They need to know that university staff across Australia believe that UNSW and Macquarie staff deserve just and equal treatment.

Please support this appeal you will find further information here:

· On the NTEU national website

· NTEU Macquarie campaign site

· NTEU UNSW campaign site


General Secretary

One thought on “Support the union at UNSW and Macquarie

  1. Grahame McCulloch says:

    Dear friend,

    The previous email from NTEU General Secretary Grahame McCulloch with an appeal for donations to the Fighting Fund included corrupted links to the YouTube video and the NTEU Fighting Fund.

    The corrected links are as follows:

    YouTube video:

    NTEU Fighting Fund:

    We apologise for the error.

    Kind regards,

    Grahame McCulloch
    General Secretary

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