Blacklist Support Group: London protest in support of Ark Tribe

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London protest in support of Ark Tribe

Australian High Commission,

The Strand, London

4.15pm prompt – 2nd November 2010

Ark Tribe is an Australian construction worker and trade unionist who faces jail for refusing to face an interrogation by the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC), an anti-trade union body set up by the previous Howard government. They want him to name union members who attended a union meeting about terrible health and safety conditions on a site they were all working on. Ark faces up to six months in jail for defending trade union rights.

The London protest will pre-empt Ark’s sentencing hearing as his case will be heard sometime after 11pm London time on the 2nd (in Adelaide the time will be 9.30am 3rd November). This event is called at 4.15pm prompt because the Australian High Commission closes at 5pm.

Come and make your voice heard – stand up for union rights around the world and let them know – "Don’t Jail Ark!"

For more information on Ark’s case:

This event supported by the Blacklist Support Group, Construction Safety Campaign and Hazards Campaign.

Blacklist Support Group

5 thoughts on “Blacklist Support Group: London protest in support of Ark Tribe

  1. Cheers Ian

    We are only too glad to help out a fellow building industry trade
    unionist who is being victimised by the employers and the state.

    The tactics they use against us know no borders, so why should we.

    We have circulated the Ark story far and wide in the UK – if you guys are interestedin what we have been up to, then visit our facebook group or

    Best wishes to Ark & everyone in Auz

    Blacklist Support Group

  2. Message from CFMEU says:

    Monday 1st November 2010

    Ark’s Verdict Postponed until 24 November
    Dear Supporter,

    We have just been told that Ark’s verdict will be postponed until Tuesday 24th November

    The anxious wait for Ark and his family continues.

    This is a man who has faced court more than 7 times, charged with not attending an interview with the Australian Building and Construction Commission.

    Over 1729 of you have sent messages of support, help us reach 2000.

    Ark needs to know that thousands of supporters stand by him.

    You can send your message here.

    Thanks for your support,
    Dave Noonan,
    CFMEU C&G Division National Secretary

  3. Well done all involved.

    Didn’t know this has had happened until today.

    Total disgrace the situation over here – under a Labor government.

    Hope people over there get out in the streets and stick it up the government over the latest attacks on the working class.

    Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win

  4. luis correia says:

    construction workers in the 21st century are being treated like common criminals just because they are a part of a trade union

    we are being victimised since john howard introduced workchoices 5 yrs ago and today under a lying labor party

    nothing has changed as a construction worker for over 24 yrs

    i have seen the good when people had a voice on any job

    the bad under the right wing liberals we lost most of the things we fought for 11 yrs under howard destroyed all our rights

    the ugly labor since kevin 07 have done nothing apart from changing the name workchoices to fair work

    we are still under howards laws 3 yrs after kevin 07

    gillard is as bad as abbott the opposition leader as she continues to ignore the pleas from working families to abolish the abcc which we the taxpayers fork out $33 million a year from our taxes to send workers to jail or a massive fine of $22000 up to $28000 for any type of industrial action

    its a disgrace on a country that says fair go for all but not for construction workers unless we have a big revolt nationwide like in europe

    nothing will change we have to change the attitude of the aussies specially the scabs and young people that are flooding the industry and the majority are non union members

    lets stand up as one or our future in the industry or we will be taken over by non union labor and that’s what the governments want

  5. Manchester Town Hall Blacklist Protest says:

    Wednesday, 20 November 2013

    SOME 50 people joined a protest outside Manchester Town Hall today as part of a TUC National Day of Action against the blacklist in the British building trade. The Manchester campaign action had been called by the Greater Manchester Contracting Branch of Unite the Union and supported by Tameside Trade Union Council, as part of the TUC’s national Day of Action. Other protests are scheduled to take place today in London, Cardiff, Glasgow and Liverpool. In Manchester, over 1,000 leaflets have already been distributed at the Town Hall in the centre of Manchester. Manchester City Council is still awarding contracts to companies that were involved in blacklisting and who were affiliated to the Consulting Association, a body closed down after in 2009 the Information Commissioner discovered that it was operating an illegal data base or blacklist. Howard Bernstein the Chief Executive of Manchester City Council, took a leaflet attacking the blacklist off me this morning, as he received it someone shouted ‘Howard Bernstein you could stop all this!’
    For more go to

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