David Rovics carries on the Woody Guthrie tradition

Hello People,

I know you all probably feel overloaded but may I suggest that you subscribe to Workers BushTelegraph on YouTube

You may not be aware, but I put a lot of stuff on the Workers BushTelegraph channel that you may find relevant (union, political music) .

For example I have uploaded the David Rovics concert in support of the Boycotts Divestments and Sanctions Camapign agaist Israel  at the CEPU Hall in South Brisbane  breaking it down to segments below 10 minutes so that it will fit on YouTube.

I have taken the trouble to subtitle most of the songs and DavidRovic’s comments between the songs.

What do you think?

David Rovics gets hits quickly and over time his videos will get more.

Thanks to Communications Electrical and Plumbing Union (CEPU) for providing the venue and thanks especially to Simmo and Barbara at the ETU. Thanks to David Rovics , Phil Monsour and his band and  the Revolutionary Socialists, Kathy, Owain and Hamish for making it all possible. A special thanks to Mahra for mixing the sound.

I think that we fit into the ETU’s  idea of community.

Have a look at this video and you will see what I mean –

By the way I think David Rovics falls inside the Woody Guthrie tradition.

This is why:

That has to be good for the union.

in solidarity
Ian Curr
23 August 2010

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