Report on Permanent Forum session

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Dear Colleagues

I have submitted the FAIRA report to the Australian Human Rights Commission, on my attendance on behalf of FAIRA at the last session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

It contains a number of photos so it is a large document (5.3 Mb). I have therefore posted it online for downloading. If you are interested in the FAIRA report you can obtain the file called ‘FAIRA Report to AHRC’ by going to this site:

Please note that this report is not an account of the PFII session, per se, but a report on the workload and activities undertaken by FAIRA at the session. It also includes an assessment of success of my work, and recommendations for improvement. It does include however attachments which were the statements prepared by FAIRA for the Indigenous Peoples delegations from Australia and from the Pacific Region.

For information on the items under examination during the Permanent Forum session, you should obtain a copy of the official PFII report for the session. That report can be downloaded by clicking the following link:



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