Daily Archives: June 18, 2010

World Refugee Day – Rally and March this Sunday


Rally and march for refugee rights

End the freeze on asylum seeker claims.

End mandatory detention.

Say no to another Tampa election.

1pm, Sunday June 20

Brisbane Square, at top of Queen st Mall, George St, City

Chair, Frederika Steen, refugee advocate.

Father Pan Jordan, Tamil community

Chaman Shah Nasiri, Hazara Afghani community

Ian Rintoul, Refugee Action Coalition

Andrew Bartlett, The Greens

Sonia Caton, human rights lawyer

David Forde, Labor 4A Just Palestine

Dr Alison Stewart, refugee health

Organised by the World Refugee Day Committee, a broad coalition of groups that has come together as a voice for justice in this election year.

Supported by: Australian Tamil Congress, Taj (Hazara) Association of Australia Inc, Refugee Action Collective, Labor for Refugees, Catholic Justice & Peace Commission, The Greens, Dean of St John’s Anglican Cathedral, Rally for Peace & Nuclear Disarmament, St Mary’s Community in Exile, Eritrean Women’s and Families’ Network.

Further info: Paul, Ph. 3392 3843; email andrewpaulmac


Northey Street Winter Solstice Sat June 19


there is a Winter Solstice festival being held at the Northey Street City Farm (in Windsor) tomorrow, Sat June 19.

There’s three stages of entertainment going from 4pm-10pm after which Spankenhide (west african drumming) inspire the dance around the fire.

We’re playing at 9 in a kooii/ruby blue fitting.

Some other groups include, Nea Combo (reggae, raggamuffin) from New Caledonia at 5pm,
Asim (Sudanese Violinst, Oud player, singer and whistler) and Combo at 6pm,
Noble (Zimbabwian Mbira player) 7.30pm,
Tenzin Cheogyl (tibetan singer) and Shen Findell (on tabla) 8pm

please make a donation if you come