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Climate Change: Is Nuclear Power the Solution?

Solidarity forum:

Climate Change:
Is Nuclear Power the Solution?

2pm, Saturday 17th April,
Justice Products (on the deck),
192 Boundary Street, West End

Nuclear power is being touted as a “clean” alternative to fossil fuels. Prominent climate scientists such as Tim Flannery and James Hansen see it as part of the solution while Barack Obama says it is necessary to “prevent the worst consequences of climate change”.

While the Rudd government has ruled out nuclear power in Australia, it does so on economic not environmental grounds and is deeply implicated in the global nuclear industry via its support for uranium mining and the construction of nuclear waste dumps. There remains a strong pro nuclear lobby in Australia with Labor’s Energy and Resources Minister, Martin Ferguson, saying it should part of the “debate”.

Is nuclear power, including 4th generation breeder reactors, a “clean” alternative to fossils fuels? This meeting takes a critical look and will be followed by discussion on fighting against climate change. All welcome.

For more information phone Mark on 3891 5385