‘Open Day for Whitefellas’ at Queensland Parliament

“Now, the fellah, the unemployed man, the starving native, do not lay claim to the truth; they do not say they represent the truth, for they are the truth” — Franz Fanon ‘The Wretched of the Earth’

Brisbane Murris and their supporters went to parliament on Saturday 10 April 2010 to petition the parliament.

The podcast below is a record of what happened from the voices of the people who were there some who have to carry the torment of death in custody of a sister, brother, auntie, uncle…There have been six deaths in custody since 14 February 2010 and it is only April 2010 – early April!

Prior to this podcast a murri brother gave a speech in Queens Park and explained how his sister had died in the police watchouse only 12 months previously. The family of the woman who died in custody received no assistance from government services not even Aboriginal Legal Aid. In the podcast (below) this explains (in part) what happened at parliament – if you listen you can hear how upset the Murri brother was when the security guard threatened to call the cops on his young son (at 00:00:56). The Murri father called on the parliamentary security guard not to ‘dog’ (report) on his son to the cops.

The guard then called the police and you can hear what ensued below.

To explain, the Queensland Parliament was open to the public on Saturday, open to anyone, except for anyone with a grievance like the sixty or so people who turned up there at 12:30pm wanting to present a petition to the authorities about the shameful deaths in custody. So what happened? In the end, only Burragubba’s dig could calm and direct our anger.

Security locked the doors and called the police…

Listen to what happened in the outside  foyer of the  parliament

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Sheldon Currie (14.3.91-20.2.2010) was the young Murri boy  who died in custody on 20 February 2010 as a result of lack of care by the authorities at Arthur Gorrie Prison. A YouTube video is dedicated to Sheldon’s memory. This is to show respect for this young man’s life and to offer condolences to his mother in her inconsolable grief.

Two Murri boys were holding up  a picture of Sheldon with the Murri flag in the background throughout the rally. Perhaps it was one of these two or his friends that put this video up on YouTube to demonstrate their love.

This is a call for justice so that others will not die in custody.


Sam Watson talks up the Murri Flag at the gates of parliament

2 Deadly, 2 Strong!

in solidarity
Ian Curr
14 April 2010



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