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ABC defence of its coverage of Palestinian struggle

‘Living in a nightmare’

In Israel too, life is different since the war – but for the better.
Israelis say the war was justified because it has reduced the constant threat of rocket fire on their border towns, and some Israelis even believe there may be cause for another war.

Mechi Fendel lives at Sderot, just one kilometre from the Gaza border.
“Eight years ago these Qassam rockets started and they started slamming down in all places, hurting people, people getting killed, maimed for life.
And we started living in a nightmare,” she said.
Today Sderot and other Israeli towns are much quieter, and residents who fled Sderot are even returning

— excerpt from ABC news article about the bombing of Gaza in which over 1,400 Palestinians died.

No mention by the ABC that Sderot was a Palestinian village occupied by Israel in the 1950s and some of the rockets were fired by Palestinian families driven out of their village by Israeli militia to live in exile and poverty in Gaza, in constant fear of their lives. What the ABC report and other sensationalised media reports of rocket fire never say is:

Sderot was founded in 1951 next to the Gevim-Dorot transit camp, on the land of the former Palestinian village of Najd.

Najd was a Palestinian Arab village, located 14 kilometers (9 mi) northeast of Gaza City.
On 13 May 1948, Najd was occupied by Jewish soldiers from the Negev Brigade as part of Operation Barak.
The inhabitants were expelled and fled to Gaza, and the village was then completely destroyed and leveled to the ground.

In 1951, the town of Sderot was built over the village lands (of Palestinians).


Letter in response from the ABC
Thank you for your emails of 5 and 9 January about ABC reporting on the Middle East.

I apologise for the delay in responding.

Your complaint states that the ABC did not cover the Viva Palestina convoy or protests in “TV, radio and online news”.
The ABC’s flagship radio current affairs program AM led with the story of the march to Gaza on 31 December: International protest over Gaza blockade


ABC News Online reported that ‘Australian protesters banned from travelling to Gaza Strip‘, published on 29 and 31 December:


ABC Radio featured an interview with author Anthony Loewenstein on the Radio National Breakfast program:

I am advised by ABC News that the International Desk produced a number of stories on this issue.
Unfortunately, news producers in Brisbane did not have room in bulletins to broadcast the stories.

With regard to your broader concerns on the ABC coverage of the plight of Gazans, ABC News recently broadcast TV news and current affairs stories on the problems faced by the population, one year on from the aftermath of the operation Israel named ‘http://www.abc.net.au/am/content/2009/s2781387.htm”>Cast Lead’. Some of these stories are still available online:



I can assure you that the ABC does not ‘suppress’ news and remains entirely independent.
ABC News continues to monitor the region, and the conditions for Palestinians in Gaza, through its bureau in Jerusalem.
Whether or not an event is covered or included in a program is an independent editorial decision.
The news agenda of the day, time constraints and deadlines are also relevant and do impact the content of news bulletins.
Clearly, some members of the audience will disagree with what is covered in an ABC News program, but ABC News endeavours to make news judgements aimed at serving the needs of a majority of the audience.

For your reference, ABC editorial standards are set out here – http://abc.net.au/corp/pubs/edpols.htm. Thank you again for writing to the ABC.

Yours sincerely,
Denise Musto
Audience & Consumer Affairs

Picket at Herron, Tennyson

Sigma Herron workers at Tennyson have been picketing 24hrs a day against a shit redundancy deal since last Thursday.

Management and scabs have started aggressively driving in and out through picket, couple of workers have been hit 1 seriously.

They are going to be locked out for the rest of the week so get down to 17 Curzon street, Tennyson and show your solidarity.

They’re right for material things like food and drink but when asked what they need they said people to come down and show support any time  day or night even if only for half an hour.

ABC News – Man run over on Brisbane picket line 

National Union of Workers Herron strikers stand strong, supported by community


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