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Protest: Back to the backyard? NO WAY!

Protest: ‘Abortion is a Woman’s Right to Choose’

protest - abortion is a woman's right to choose

Sat March 13, 12 noon
Outside Parliament House, George St

A Cairns woman is facing the prospect of 7 years prison on charges brought under Queensland’s anti-abortion laws. The Bligh government refuses to repeal the anti-abortion laws – allowing the agenda to be set by the anti-abortion minority who are fighting to turn the clock back to days of backyard abortion. The anti-abortion movement feign concern for women’s welfare, but nothing could be further from the truth. Their real goal is to deny women one of the single most fundamental human rights: the right to control their own bodies.

On March 13, the anti-abortion group "Cherish Life" will hold a rally and the pro-choice campaign will be there to meet them. Stand with the pro-choice majority! Take a stand against sexism and bigotry! Stand against those who would force us back to the backyard! Join the protest!

Each year around the world at least 70 000 women die because they cannot access safe, legal abortion.

"Right to life": your name’s a lie – you don’t care if women die!

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Pro-Choice Action Collective
Drop the abortion charges! Repeal all anti-abortion laws! For free, safe, accessible abortion on demand!
Phone: 0400 720 757 (Kathy), 0422 763 225 (Emma)
Facebook: search for “Pro-Choice Action Collective”
Email: prochoiceaction@gmail.com