Daily Archives: January 28, 2010

‘Ted Kennedy: Priest of Redfern’ — a review

By Gary MacLennan

A review of Edmund Campion (2009) Ted Kennedy: Priest of Redfern: Melbourne: David Lovell Publishing

There is a thought that has haunted me for a long time…It is to portray a wholly good man. Nothing is more difficult …especially in our time. (Dostoevsky quoted in Wyschogrod, 1990, p.1)

Edmund Campion has given us a fine book which is valuable on two accounts. Firstly it is a narrative of the life of the radical priest and “wholly good man” Ted Kennedy. Secondly it is a history of the alternative church within the official Roman Catholic Church. It is the alternative church that provided the milieu from which Kennedy emerged. The argument (largely implied) in Campion’s text is that to understand Kennedy one must recognize and give credit to the existence of the church that existed largely in opposition to the official clerical church. Continue reading