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Reviews of Palestinian Days Films

The Palestinian Days film festival, Brisbane,

6pm Fri to Sunday, October 16-18, 2009
Schonell Theatre, University of QLD

Sponsored by Justice for Palestine and the Palestinian Association of QLD


by Pam Rosengren

Lemonade'  Director: Hicham Kayed Duration: 13 minutes Language: Arabic with English subtitles
‘Lemonade’ , a short film which came out of a storytelling workshop for the children of a refugee camp. Inspired by a girl who takes flowers from her grandmothers garden to the people in the camp every day, one of the boys began to make lemonade to sell in the camp. It is a simple yet profound story of transcending limitations. Although the other films at the festival are not really for a child audience, children feature prominently in the festival overall.
Arguably the masterpiece of the Palestinian Days film festival is “Since You Left” directed by Mohammad Bakri. It is a literary, performative reflection on the filming of “Jenin Jenin” and the events in the directors life subsequent to that. The film is structured around a soliloquy at the grave of Bakris former creative mentor. The philosophical conversation between Bakri and his Israeli lawyer, who donated his time to try to reverse the order banning “Jenin Jenin” had me wishing I could obtain a transcript of the movie. The film explains, but does not explain away.  This is particularly the case when unexpectedly a member of Bakris extended family becomes involved in terrorism. It documents the reaction of the family which might not be what you think.

Watani Habibi, My Beloved Homeland” is a documentary of Palestinian  protest music by John Mandelberg and Janice Abo Ganis. It ranges from traditional music with no political message other than that is is  Palestinian culture with its roots in antiquity, through traditional  works with a message strong enough to have the musician exiled, to  lyrical contemporary pieces and even Palestinian rap.
Singer Rim Banna says she is unable to take up arms in the struggle,  so uses her voice to convey it. As well as having an exceptional  voice, Rim has exceptional insight into the creative process and its  relationship to society. (She has a Facebook page.)
“Watani Habibi – My Beloved Homeland” will be screened at 6pm Sunday  18th at the Schonell Theatre, along with “The Iron Wall” which maps  both the history of this vision from its inception in 1923 (yes, 1923)  and the tortuous path of the wall which not only divides Palestinians  from Israelis, but divides Palestinians from their farmlands and water supply.  Although the other films at the festival are not really for a child audience, children feature prominently in the festival overall. One script, “Letter from Sarah”, was written by a twelve-year-old girl.

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