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St. Mary’s in Exile at the TLC [Queensland Council of Unions building]

The July Meeting of the 17 Group –

Peter Kennedy & John Battersby

Wednesday the 1st of July at 7pm in

Unit 6 at 20 Drury St, West End.

The topic: “ St. Mary’s in Exile at the TLC [Queensland Council of Unions building]”. The speakers will be the two priests who were deprived of their former roles as the administrators and celebrants at St Mary’s church, namely Peter Kennedy and Terry Fitzpatrick.

Peter and Terry will, mainly in question and answer form, address the issues, religious, philosophical, cultural and social, raised by the series of recent events culminating in their dismissal by the Bishop.

For background on the issues involved go to the St Mary’s Community website at

Mt Marys in South Brisbane (with the land rights flag taken down)

Mt Mary's in South Brisbane (with the land rights flag taken down)


Letters from Archbishop of Brisbane suspending Fr Peter Kennedy

· Letters from the Archbishop

Submitted by Editorial Team on Fri, 05/06/2009

·  Notice of Penalty of Suspension

· Notice of revocation of faculties to hear confessions, preach and assist validly at marriages (These documents are pdf files and require the free Adobe Reader)

· Media reports Saturday June 6

Trotsky contented himself with saying about this one “ Not in my area ” and muttering something as he left the room that sounded like “ opium of the people ” and “ sigh of the oppressed creature ”.  So again he probably won’t be there.  But the usual convivial crowd will be, eating and drinking and talking into the night.  All are welcome, orthodox and heretical, lapsed and unlapsed, anyone who believes in anything.

No free lunch for Kevin Rudd?

by Lachlan Hurse
from Hainanese Chicken
and its place
in World History

It has been suggested that the Ipswich car dealer at the centre of the row in Federal Parliament between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, Mr John Grant wined and dined staff of the Prime Minister at a exclusive Chinese restaurant in Ipswich.

In Federal Parliament tempers flared after it was revealed that John Grant, of John Grant Motors, had given a free ute to Kevin Rudd, complete with paid registration and insurance.

Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull used Question Time to ask Mr Rudd about his dealings with Mr Grant, who sells second-hand cars from premises in Brisbane Street, Ipswich.

Mr Turnbull said: ‘I ask the Prime Minister, does he really expect the Australian public to believe it’s appropriate for a Prime Minister who receives from the taxpayer free of charge: two houses, several cars, chauffeur-driven Comcars and travel on airforce jets, to also receive another free car from a car dealer who is seeking finance from a taxpayer-funded finance company?’

Mr Rudd confirmed he had received a ute from John Grant Motors for use in his Brisbane constituency, but strenuously denied he had acted improperly.

‘I have been advised that neither I or my office has ever spoken with Mr Grant in relation to OzCar,’ he said.

‘Two, neither I nor my office has ever made any representations on his behalf.

‘Three, I have not been aware of any representations on his behalf made by anyone in the government.

‘And four, it is absolutely not true that any of the staff of Prime Minister and Cabinet have ever had free lunches provided by Mr Grant. I vigorously deny the ludicrous suggestion by the Leader of the Opposition that Mr Grant treated my staff to a supposedly sumptuous banquet of Hainanese Chicken.’

An employee at Mr Grant’s Ipswich offices yesterday said his boss was unavailable for comment as he was out to lunch.

I would like to advise readers that John Grant doesn’t just look after the Prime Minister, he is listed on the Queensland Department of Communities website as offering a free five year warranty to all Queensland and interstate Seniors Card and Seniors Business Discount Card holders.

Australia’s ‘Construction Stasi’

by Humphrey McQueen

Dare Australia’s Labor government gaol Adelaide builders’ labourer, Ark Tribe?

Tribe’s crime is that he refuses to attend a secret hearing of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC). His failure to appear renders him liable to six months in prison or a fine of $22,000. Similar penalties apply if he turns up but refuses to answer, or if he answers but then tells anyone what the questions were. The power to coerce testimony also applies to passers-by whom the ABCC felt might provide evidence of wrong-doing by unionists, as happened to a Melbourne university lecturer subpoenaed in 2007. Continue reading