Daily Archives: June 5, 2009

Labor Party puts more of Queensland up for sale

image“You can’t make figs grow on barren trees” — Ernie Lane speaking about the ALP in Dawn to Dusk-reminiscences of a rebel.

About 500 unionists and community members attended a rally outside the ALP State conference at the Convention centre in Brisbane today (7 June 2009).

The President of the ALP, Andrew Dettmer, was booed by the crowd when he suggested that nothing would be solved by people leaving the ALP.

“The Labor Party does not get better by people leaving it.” he stated. The reply from the union members present: “Whose side are you on Andrew. Are you with the union or are you with them. Go on get back to your mates (in the ALP).”

Attempts at comic relief by a young man dressed as an auctioneer could not dispell the anger of the crowd.

Officials from the Electical Trades Union ETU (Peter Simpson), Maritime Union of Australia MUA (Mick Carr), Qld Public Sector Union QPSU, Manufacturing union AMWU (Andrew Dettmer) spoke out against privatisation of Ports, Rail and Electricity infrastructure currently in public hands. Continue reading