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Sri Lanka, Stop shelling hospitals – Peaceful Protest in Brisbane

Sri Lanka, Stop shelling hospitals – Peaceful Protest in Brisbane

Monday the 18th May at 12noon- 2pm

Starting at the area in front of Queensland state parliament

Sunday, 10 May: “More than 2,000 innocent civilians have been killed in the last 24 hours. The wholesale bombardment by Sri Lankan planes and shelling on a densely populated, non combatant civilian safe zone is state terrorism and a war crime,” said S. Pathmanathan, the LTTE head of international relations on Sunday.

“The Tamil people are dismayed that the United Nations and the International Community have failed in their obligations to protect the endangered civilians. […] We only ask for an impartial relief effort similar to those extended to other international conflict zones by the UN and the international community in the recent past,” he further said.

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