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Committed to Change Expo

C2C Change ExpoThis event (3-5 July) will precede the Peace Convergence and will host workshops and information stalls about Shoalwater and the war games…

To my dear friends, family, colleagues, and members of the wider collective conscience!!

The time has come for myself and the team of people who are "Committed 2 Change" to unveil the C2C Change Expo Project that we have been working on for the last 12 months.

Over the last 2 years Committed 2 Change has grown from an original mind seed in my head, to an influential movement that is gaining momentum as fast as our team can keep up. In 2008 we created the concept of an annual event which we have named the ‘C2C Change Expo’. Through this event we ai  m to bring together all of the positive movements that are happening and being created in our society, providing a platform for exposure to the wider public, and further spreading what we refer to as ‘The Collective Conscience’.

This event, is at this stage an exclusive event to Committed 2 Change members and their guests/friends, with the aim of initially strengthening these networks.

I have attached relevant information about the C2C Change Expo, Ticket Prices & information on a Bamboo Workshop that we are running in conjunction with the Event in July 2009.

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Meltdown— a socialist view of the capitalist crisis.

Tony Iltis, Lee Sustar, John Bellamy Foster, Phil Hearse, Adam Hanieh, Dave Holmes
Published by Resistance Books

7pm Friday, May 15
Brisbane Activist Centre, 74b Wickham St, Fortitude Valley
ph: Ewan – 0401234610 or 38312644
Introduction and toast by Dr Gary McLennan, academic, long term community activist and very dedicated Marxist. Dr McLennan has been involved in struggles around Civil Liberties, Trade Union Rights, Palestinian Human Rights and Community Rights. Continue reading

Remembering Al Nakba – Rally for Palestine

“Today I went home for the first time in 61 years…I remember playing in the courtyard.We left because we had to. The Israelis were coming.
Today was not the day for me to go home. But one day my family will return…”

(Sings) We will go home, we will go home …

5pm, Friday 15 May

Brisbane Square (river end of Queen St Mall)

Speakers will include
Khalil Hampden – QLD Palestinian Association
Dr Halim Rane – Fair Go for Palestine

Gary McLennan – Justice for Palestine. Gary’s speech can be played by clicking here (please wait, it takes time to load):

Gary Maclennan speaks at Al Nakba

Performances by:
Phil Monsour (www.philmonsour.com). Phil’s song can be played by clicking her
e (please wait, it takes time to load):

Phil Monsour sings at Al Nakba rally

Amber (a dancer & musician) performed the Palestinian dance Debka (the stomp) with the help of participants at the rally. Amber’s speech & music can be heard by clicking here (please wait, it takes time to load):

Amber performs the Dabka (stomp) to arabic music at the Al Nakba rally

~ End the genocide in Palestine ~ End the siege of Gaza ~
~ End the Israeli occupation ~ Recognise the Palestinian right of return ~ No Australian support for Israel: sanction now ~

May 15 each year marks the Palestinian Nakba. In 1948, more than 780,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from their homeland and more than 500 Palestinian villages depopulated and destroyed by Zionist terrorist death squads that were setup in Palestine under the protection of the British mandate.

Today more than 7 million Palestinian refugees, the largest refugee community in the world, are living in exile, while 5 million Palestinians are living in the world’s largest open-air prison. On the 61st anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba join the ongoing campaign to say NO to Israel’s ongoing war crimes & ethnic cleansing of Palestine and demand justice for the Palestinians.

For more information:
Phone: 0424 264 750 (Emad) or 0401 586 923 (Hamish)
Email: contact@justiceforpalestinebrisbane.org


Live Music at Maleny Community Hall