Daily Archives: May 5, 2009

The Palestinian Kafiyeh

Letter from Palestinian Friends

Dear All,
Be aware that all the following Kafiyeh designs are not original  prints. These are not true Palestinian Kafiyehs, and are mostly made in Israel with an objective to reduce the popularity of the original one.

You may check the tag  and you will find written on it “made in Israel “, despite the colorful designs , please don’t give up on the original Palestinian Kafiyeh since it  like identifies us to the world, resembles our struggle with the enemy  and strengthens our ties with the land.
Taking over our traditions and folklore is something we all know  about the Israelis, starting from our traditional dress which the Israeli airlines  hostess are wearing it, to taking over  our houses  and  ending with our food , but here is another attempt from them to  demolish  and steal our tradition by  copying  our Kafiyeh,  if you don’t believe it, then look carefully to the following pictures: Continue reading