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Veterans Group reflects on brutality of war

Veterans Group reflects on brutality of war and question how politicians use our armed forces on ANZAC Day


By Hamish Chitts
23 April 2009

The Australian-based veterans group Stand Fast, comprised of veterans and former military personnel who oppose the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, today called on people to reject blind patriotism and flag waving this ANZAC Day. Stand Fast has called for reflection on the brutality of war and for people to question if Australia’s current wars are really inwar gigs the interest of the people of Australia.

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Quarry Vision

How big energy polluters have railroaded the response to climate change

Quarry Vision0001

Guy Pearse was a Liberal Party member and speech writer for former
Environ. Minister, Robert Hill.

He did his PhD on energy policy development and interviewed the ‘greenhouse mafia’, the group of lobbyists for the big polluters in Australia, as part of this work.

He was morally outraged by what he found. This later became the basis of a 4 Corners program exposing the work of this group to control government policy on climate change.

This essay is a compressed version of his work to date and is a great expose of the big polluters lobbying effects on energy and emissions trading policy in Australia – a must read.

I encourage you all to read this  – see synopsis below.

Trevor Berrill

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