Daily Archives: March 27, 2009

Spirit of Eureka Anniversary Address

Speaker: HUMPHREY McQUEEN, Australian Historian

I’m glad I’m not in the paid workforce after hearing that introduction! [laughs]

In reflecting on this space and Eureka, and Rod was asked to give the dawn address there, it reminded me of four years ago when I was speaking here for the 150th anniversary, it was an occasion on which I, at the end of the evening, I had a long discussion with a great supporter of Eureka, the late John Cummins. And I think it only proper that [pause for applause] that John’s great contribution to the Spirit of Eureka should not pass unremarked here this evening.

I’m going to try and do two things, one of them, I’ll earn my keep as an historian by saying a couple of things about the even of Eureka and their significance, and then I’ve been asked to say something about where the world is going in a hand-cart at the moment. Continue reading