Federal Government bails out yet another renegade company

Nathan Rees holds a press conference after meeting sacked Drivetrain workers. Pictures: JOHN RUSSELL
Sacked Workers from DriveTrain

Community radio station 3CR  has done an interesting interview about 338 Drive Train workers sacked without pay or entitlements.

DriveTrain management has stripped $17M in assets from company using the time worn technique perfected by Corrigan in the Patricks dispute of 1998.

The various government, state and federal, responses are the same as ever.

You can listen to the interview on 3 CR by clicking here:

Drivetrain workers go the way of the Patricks Dispute

On February 20th  workers were sacked from DriveTrain International, a gearbox manufacturer in Lavington (Albury) on the border of NSW and Victoria without pay or entitlements of $25 Million, as management proceeded to strip the factory of an estimated $17 million in assets.

“At some point all workers need to step back from their Unions and remove labour until workers entitlements are put aside before every other creditor including the tax man and banks . And to cap it off if entitlements are lost jail for those responsible for trading while insolvent should be the default response. If it is not sub contractors then it is people with twenty and thirty years behind them being told their entitlements are gone. The way business and the dam government have been running things is not good and it wont change until the people at the bottom jack up.” — Comment on Indymedia

Federal Minister for Workplace relations, Julia Gillard, has responded with a promise of some entitlements but not jobs.  She has offered 16 weeks of redundancy pay in lieu of the company trading while ‘insolvent’. Of course, the minister promises the services of Centrelink to the sacked workers. Listen to interview on ABC at  http://www.abc.net.au/local/audio/2009/03/11/2513182.htm?site=goulburnmurray

Unions continue to push for better redundancies, but what about the jobs?

For a different approach see After the Waterfront – the workers are quiet

Thanks to 3CR for the report and Viola Wilkins for the article.

Reference:  “Drivetrain Update from the Border” 8 March 2009  at

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