‘Free Lex Wotton!’ Petition

To: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

The petition of the citizens of Queensland draws to the attention of the House the conviction of Lex Patrick Wotton on charges relating to the Palm Island riot on the 26th day of November, 2004.

The petitioners believe that Lex Patrick Wotton is innocent and that he should not have been charged with the offences that he has now been convicted of.

Your petitioners therefore request the House to provide immediate public funding for Lex Patrick Wotton to enable him to lodge an appeal of this verdict.

Your petitioners further request that the House implement an immediate Royal Commission into the Death In Custody of Mulrunjie Doomadgee in the Palm Island watch-house on the 19th of November, 2004 and all matters of interest that led to his death and the subsequent events.

Your petitioners further request that all Aboriginal people who were convicted of offences relating to the Palm Island riot, should be immediately pardoned for those offences.

Principal Petitioner:

Sam Watson
106 Norton Street,
Upper Mt.Gravatt.
Qld. 4122.

Please affirm the petition by placing you name and email address in the comments section below.

Any words of support you may wish to add is appreciated. The petition will be presented to the speaker of the parliament on Saturday 1 November 2008 after the march from the rally that begins in Queens Park (at corner of George and Elizabeth streets) at 12 noon.

61 thoughts on “‘Free Lex Wotton!’ Petition

  1. To add insult to injury the police will be given bravery awards for their actions on Palm Island in more than likely the same week that Lex will be sentenced!!!
    Please add our names to the Charge Inspector Hurley and Free Lex Wotton Petition.

  2. Ahmed Kadhem says:

    The trial of lex Wotton, freedom of Hurley and these “Bravery” awards are clear insult to all REAL Australians.
    Please add my name to the “Charge Inspector Hurley and Free Lex Wotton” petition.

  3. Sean Vickery says:

    Please add my name as I support this petition. Also, are you interested, Ian, to possibly massage it a little then put this up on the parliament’s e-petitions, where many people could sign?

  4. Dr John Tomlinson says:

    Please add my name Lex Wooton should be free and the police responsible for Mulranji death and subsequent cover-up should be in prison

  5. Jeff Rickertt says:

    Free Lex Wotton, gaol Hurley and his accomplices. Trade unionists must stand with murri communities to stop the police bashings, the police killings, the judicial whitewashes and the political cover ups. State terror against our black brothers and sisters must end now. We must march and encourage other workers to march. We must make murri business union business, starting with deaths in custody and stolen wages. As a first step, we must demand the Queensland Council of Unions severs the affiliation of the Queensland Police Union. This organisation has no place in a workers’ movement.

  6. Julie Lehmann says:

    Free Lex Wotton, enough injustice.

  7. Georgina Murray says:

    Social Justice has to be seen to be done by the House providing enabling funds for Lex Patrick Wotton to lodge an appeal against his conviction.

  8. Barbara Adkins says:

    Lex Wotton should be provided with the resources to appeal.

  9. Lex Wotton must not be victimized for a situation that is the responsibility of the government and its agencies.Did one day of apology mean much?

  10. Deborah Jordan says:

    Queensland has a black history in terms of race relations: it has yet much to learn about reconciliation. The government needs to ensure that individuals do not bear the brunt of our tragic past.

  11. Elizabeth Connors says:

    The patterns of colonialism are reproduced yet again. The parliament needs to break the cycle and allow the Palm Islanders to mourn, to seek restitution for the loss of Mulrunji and for the pain of the excessive police raids that followed.

  12. Nothing has changed if over 200 years – we ALL must stand together to fight this injustice – TOGETHER WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL

  13. Lana Calnan says:

    Set Lex Wotton free and jail the police involved in the death of Mulrunji cover-up.

  14. Bronwen Levy says:

    The riot occurred as a result of another tragic death in custody, and it would be better to work to prevent such deaths occurring again, than to punish people whose actions were a protest against these terrible events.

  15. Guadalupe Rosales-Martinez says:

    Aboriginal Customary Laws needs a place within current institutional practices.
    It is clear that an institutional apology to the atrocities and endless grievances against a very specific group of society needs the practical support from society at large so Aboriginal systems can be re-installed.

  16. Fiona Nicoll says:

    Please add my name to support the petition to justly overturn the conviction of Lex Wotton and any other Aboriginal people convicted of offences in relation to the Palm Island Riots.

  17. Townsville Indigenous Human Rights Group says:

    Please include the signatures from the petition here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/free-lex-wotton

    Townsville Indigenous Human Rights Group

    The petitioners are listed below from most recent.

    # 341:
    5:30 pm PST, Nov 2, Sandra Stewart, Australia
    # 340:
    5:09 pm PST, Nov 2, Name not displayed, Australia
    # 339:
    4:24 pm PST, Nov 2, Ronnella Stanley, Australia
    # 338:
    3:11 pm PST, Nov 2, Lorraine Coutts, Australia
    I am from Palm Island and am appalled at the treatment of Lex Wotton, especially when the police officers concerned will be award bravery medals and monentary compensation. The family of Mulrunji and his partner RECEIVED NOTHING!!! – The family just get to bury their son/partner and Lex receives a jail sentence!
    # 337:
    2:49 pm PST, Nov 2, Hadassah Schembri, Australia
    # 336:
    2:03 pm PST, Nov 2, Caroline Pryor, Australia
    We are not sorry enough. Stop this injustice now
    # 335:
    7:28 am PST, Nov 2, Therese Quinlan, Australia
    Anyone wishing to take action to support Lex Wotton can attend international rallies on Friday 7th November 2008, the day he is to be sentenced.
    # 334:
    3:22 pm PDT, Nov 1, Maria B, Australia
    # 333:
    7:13 am PDT, Nov 1, Naushad Ilahee, Australia
    Down with institutionalised racism
    # 332:
    6:57 am PDT, Nov 1, Patrick Griffin, Australia
    # 331:
    6:50 am PDT, Nov 1, Rebecca Laurence, Australia
    # 330:
    5:16 am PDT, Nov 1, Cecilia Wilkes, Australia
    It’s time leniancy and understanding began to redress the unremitting discrimaination of our first peoples. Since the police were exonerated for their shortcomings, let local protest be handled with compassion too.
    # 329:
    4:03 am PDT, Nov 1, Pekeri Ruska, Australia
    # 328:
    3:18 am PDT, Nov 1, Maureen Elizabeth Kelly, Australia
    Why do we need to ask the legal system take off their blinkers? How much longer do we need to hang our heads in shame at such brutality?
    # 327:
    1:59 am PDT, Nov 1, Name not displayed, Australia
    # 326:
    1:03 am PDT, Nov 1, Natalia Gould, Australia
    # 325:
    12:40 am PDT, Nov 1, Nazeem Hussain, Australia
    # 324:
    12:25 am PDT, Nov 1, Andrew Morrison, Australia
    # 323:
    7:00 pm PDT, Oct 31, Name not displayed, Oregon
    # 322:
    5:29 pm PDT, Oct 31, Victoria Davis-Jenkins, Australia
    # 321:
    4:43 pm PDT, Oct 31, Diet Simon, Australia
    # 320:
    10:43 am PDT, Oct 31, Toni Johnson, United Kingdom
    # 319:
    5:43 am PDT, Oct 31, Rose Cappello, United Kingdom
    # 318:
    5:40 am PDT, Oct 31, Claire English, Australia
    Drop the charges! Justice is more than an apology!
    # 317:
    5:06 am PDT, Oct 31, Eloise Ingram, Australia
    # 316:
    4:57 am PDT, Oct 31, Sarah Keenan, United Kingdom
    # 315:
    12:28 am PDT, Oct 31, Dianne Brown, Australia
    # 314:
    8:35 pm PDT, Oct 30, Megan Christian, Australia
    Is it JUSTICE or JUST US? Only in Queensland………………..
    # 313:
    6:40 pm PDT, Oct 30, Jacqueline Sullivan, Australia
    For more impact, add a personal comment here
    # 312:
    6:14 pm PDT, Oct 30, Bevan Ahkee, Australia
    # 311:
    6:08 pm PDT, Oct 30, Gavin Michael Ah Kee, Australia
    # 310:
    5:26 pm PDT, Oct 30, Lyn Thorpe, Australia
    The court case is November 7 isn’t it? It would be good to get the biggest mob of people black and white to either be there and show a PEACEFUL but STRONG presence felt to show support, show solidarity, unity and put pressure on to make sure JUSTICE is done!!!! When you think about how much our Aboriginal organisations spend on conferences, meetings, seminars etc. TALK, TALK ,TALK ,TALK ,TALK ISN’t this relevant, this is a real life crisis that should be put right???????? What can our own people do to help? As individuals we might be small but together we can be strong! For starters why can’t Aboriginal legal services and other Aboriginal (and non-Aboriginal) organisations and Groups around this nation send representation at a strategic time (like NOV 7th court) and place to show support to our brothers & sisters in other parts of our country when it’s needed…Like the Lex Wotton case, right now! We are all different mobs but we are all Aboriginal people, decisions that are made about one mob or one individual affects us all, it is relevant to us all because if the system can abuse one it can abuse us all as our history shows us. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. If we all stand together we can all stand tall! For those of us who can’t get to court, maybe we could send something to make our presence felt, maybe handshape stickers, maybe names of different mobs or individuals could be written on the stickers stuck on the walls, boards or whatever, anything to leave our mark. Woonghi
    # 309:
    5:24 pm PDT, Oct 30, Margaret AhKee, Australia
    Is it JUSTICE or JUST US? Only in Queensland………………..
    # 308:
    4:46 pm PDT, Oct 30, Pat Cora, Australia
    Brother Lex is the real hero! Is Hurley one of the 22 cops to receive bravery medals?
    # 307:
    3:59 pm PDT, Oct 30, Bronwyn Fenn, Australia
    EVIL PREVAILS WHEN GOOD PEOPLE DO NOTHING . How does this happen in a SO CALLED CIVILISED SOCIETY.What would you do if this happened to your loved one? I know what you would do. YOU would be screaming for JUSTICE.I and the rest of the good people are screaming for justice.I call upon any shred of goodness within the powers that be to look inside & think & feel about the choices youmake & how they impact on everyone on this planet what message will you send .?
    # 306:
    3:51 pm PDT, Oct 30, Emily Person, New York
    Just as bad as the police brutality is being attacked for protesting it.
    # 305:
    1:38 pm PDT, Oct 30, Kate Habgood, Australia
    Please drop the charges against Lex Wotton.
    # 304:
    1:35 pm PDT, Oct 30, Name not displayed, Washington
    # 303:
    12:26 pm PDT, Oct 30, Name not displayed, California
    # 302:
    10:48 am PDT, Oct 30, Clyde McConnell, California
    This is an outrage – please drop these charges!
    # 301:
    7:43 am PDT, Oct 30, Maree Liston, Australia
    Lex is a Political Prisoner, a Palm Island HERO, a loving husband and father of 4 children, 2 have disabilities and now a Saint. FREE LEX JAIL HURLEY
    # 300:
    7:37 am PDT, Oct 30, Name not displayed, California
    # 299:
    5:19 am PDT, Oct 30, Hana Alhadad, Australia
    Please add my name to the Free Lex Wotton – Charge Inspector Hurley petition
    # 298:
    4:44 am PDT, Oct 30, Kay Russo, Australia
    # 297:
    12:44 am PDT, Oct 30, Viola Wilkins, Australia
    The PM said “Sorry” he is from Queensland and then this happens…one step forward two steps back. The Aussie racist waltz is the latest craze again alas. Free Lex Wotton. http://violawil.multiply.com/

    # 296:
    11:00 pm PDT, Oct 29, Lara Bedel, Australia
    # 295:
    9:46 pm PDT, Oct 29, Virginia Burns, Australia
    Lex Wotton is a hero. He is being scapegoated, to take attention away from the institutional violence of Queensland Justice system. I am ashamed to be part of the non-indigenous culture that maintains this injustice.
    # 294:
    8:19 pm PDT, Oct 29, Heather Stewart, Australia
    The charges should be dropped, the situation in this community is such that prosecuting Lex Wotton would further marginalise the Indigenous community who are fighting for justice
    # 293:
    8:14 pm PDT, Oct 29, Leyla Iten, Australia
    # 292:
    6:46 pm PDT, Oct 29, Laurie Reisman, Florida
    # 291:
    5:44 pm PDT, Oct 29, Mondy Vil, Australia
    Shame on the QLD Police Force, shame on the QLD state government and shame on our federal goverment. Have we not learnt from the outcomes of the ‘Deaths in Custody’ reports? Another embarassment to our so-called democratic society, where it is obvious that institutionalised racism is still prevalent within institutions and organisations who are suppose to be protecting us…………..
    # 290:
    4:04 pm PDT, Oct 29, Christine Pam, Australia
    # 289:
    3:45 pm PDT, Oct 29, Madeline Worsfold, Australia
    I have seen nothing from our previous or current government that convinces me they take equal rights or human rights seriously.
    # 288:
    3:43 pm PDT, Oct 29, Erin Dodge, Washington
    It is wrong and disgusting that there is a need for this. I had hoped our culture had matured.
    # 287:
    3:40 pm PDT, Oct 29, Michael DeLong, California
    # 286:
    2:59 pm PDT, Oct 29, Meredith Rose, Australia
    Lex Wotton is a victim, not a criminal.
    # 285:
    2:57 pm PDT, Oct 29, Jennifer Patterson, Washington
    # 284:
    2:26 pm PDT, Oct 29, Jose Maria Francos, California
    Stop the repression of our native people, NOW.
    # 283:
    2:19 pm PDT, Oct 29, Regina Chavez, California
    Lex Wotton is obviously a political prisoner who should have all charges dropped. This action of the government to imprison this person of color further exemplifies the institutional racism that is so prevalent in society.
    # 282:
    2:11 pm PDT, Oct 29, Kathryn Miller, Washington
    I think that it is wrong to punish the innocent espectally when it is in any form or racist or prejudice action against minorities.
    # 281:
    12:07 pm PDT, Oct 29, Kathleen Juergens, Oregon
    # 280:
    11:55 am PDT, Oct 29, Stephanie Willis, Washington
    # 279:
    11:28 am PDT, Oct 29, Name not displayed, Washington
    # 278:
    11:22 am PDT, Oct 29, Kathleen Sumagit-Rivera, Oregon
    # 277:
    6:26 am PDT, Oct 29, Simon Fielder, Australia
    How many injustices must Aboriginal people and their communities suffer at the hands of Queensland Police? I am dismayed (but sadly not surprised) that such racist police brutality is not only in existence, but openly rewarded.
    # 276:
    1:34 am PDT, Oct 29, Cathy Molnar, Australia
    # 275:
    9:35 pm PDT, Oct 28, Marcel Hatch, Canada
    Canadian indigenous people face the same injustices. But they are rebelling and finding many allies in the process.
    # 274:
    9:33 pm PDT, Oct 28, Bridget Maidment, Australia
    # 273:
    9:14 pm PDT, Oct 28, Lauren Russo, Virginia
    # 272:
    9:01 pm PDT, Oct 28, Barbara Nehmad, New Jersey
    # 271:
    7:03 pm PDT, Oct 28, Katrina Glasgow, Australia
    I’m disgusted by this outcome and embarrassed to a white australian.
    # 270:
    6:58 pm PDT, Oct 28, Angelina Llongueras, California
    # 269:
    6:55 pm PDT, Oct 28, VALENTINA MOORE, Australia
    # 268:
    5:01 pm PDT, Oct 28, Ian Curr, Australia
    See http://bushtelegraph.wordpress.com/2008/10/24/come-on-people-we-cant-accept-this/
    # 267:
    4:56 pm PDT, Oct 28, Derrick Hall, California

    # 266:
    12:53 pm PDT, Oct 28, Kristi O’Neil, Alaska
    No one regardless of the color of their skin deserves to be brutalized, ridiculed, or falsely accused. God Bless!!
    # 265:
    3:54 am PDT, Oct 28, Marion Oke, Australia
    # 264:
    11:52 pm PDT, Oct 27, Keith Patton, Australia
    Justice for all
    # 263:
    11:30 pm PDT, Oct 27, Lilian Woodcock, Australia
    So unfair, so unjust
    # 262:
    10:59 pm PDT, Oct 27, Lisa Whop, Australia
    # 261:
    9:53 pm PDT, Oct 27, Alex Bhathal, Australia
    # 260:
    6:33 pm PDT, Oct 27, Pieter Keldan, Australia
    # 259:
    6:32 pm PDT, Oct 27, Margaret Reynolds, Australia
    Exactly what that was illegal did Lex Wotton do? I thought the right to demonstrate against percieved injustice was fundamental to our “democratic” system. Are there different rules for aboriginal people? Is the referendum decision of the Australian people to acknowledge citizenship rights for aboriginal people irrelevant now?
    # 258:
    4:15 pm PDT, Oct 27, Kate De Braose, New Mexico
    An Independent Investigation is required in cases where an imprisoned person is murdered. Unfortunately, there is no place more suited to concealing evidence of official crimes than a prison.
    # 257:
    3:27 pm PDT, Oct 27, Jeri Deitrick, California
    # 256:
    4:39 am PDT, Oct 27, Kylie Bryden, Australia
    # 255:
    4:13 am PDT, Oct 27, Jane King, Australia
    I always felt this stank of injustice and am glad to add my name.
    # 254:
    2:09 am PDT, Oct 27, Santhush Mohotti, Australia
    # 253:
    10:34 pm PDT, Oct 26, Name not displayed, Australia
    “These are the injuries sustained by black people at the hands of police in the days and months immediately surrounding the death in custody, and the uprising: Mulrunji Doomadgee suffered four broken ribs, a ruptured spleen, a torn portal vein and a liver “almost cleaved in two” (it was held together by a couple of blood vessels). After his death, Mulrunji’s son Eric hung himself from a tree on Palm Island. The man who lay in the cell next to Mulrunji and comforted him as he died — Patrick Nugent — has also taken his own life. In the course of his arrest, Lex Wotton was tasered, as was a second Aboriginal man. Now these are the injuries police suffered at the hands of black people during the November 26, 2004 uprising: One officer was hit in the stomach with a rock. Another was hit in the hip. Both suffered bruising. – from Crikey, 27/10/08
    # 252:
    10:31 pm PDT, Oct 26, Benjamin Wood, California
    Indigenous people are under assault worldwide.
    # 251:
    10:26 pm PDT, Oct 26, Name not displayed, California
    # 250:
    Oct 27, 2008, Anonymous, Australia

    # 249:
    Oct 27, 2008, Anonymous, Australia

    # 248:
    Oct 27, 2008, Catherine Nicholls, Australia

    # 247:
    Oct 27, 2008, Irene Verins, Australia
    I do not support the accusation of rioting which is being levelled against Wotton.

    # 246:
    Oct 27, 2008, Jose Lara, California
    Justice NOW!!!

    # 245:
    Oct 27, 2008, Neville Scarlett, Australia
    If Lex Wotton is jailed, it will confirm that Aboriginal people can expect no justice in Queensland. Basically it is to warn the ‘Murris” that any resistance to arbitrary police power will be punished severely, and revenge for forcing a white “cop’ into court to be charged with murder. A shameful business!

    # 244:
    Oct 27, 2008, Charlotte King, Australia
    The ongoing mistreatment of indigenous australians is an affront to the whole Australian community. Free Lex Wotton.

    # 243:
    Oct 27, 2008, Richard Duffy, Australia
    Free Lex Wotton

    # 242:
    Oct 27, 2008, Jerry Fillingim, California

    # 241:
    Oct 27, 2008, Anonymous, Australia

    # 240:
    Oct 27, 2008, Anonymous, Australia

    # 239:
    Oct 27, 2008, Fletcher Shottle, Australia

    # 238:
    Oct 27, 2008, Mark Seigle, California

    # 237:
    Oct 27, 2008, Adrienne Weller, Washington
    The arrogant brutality of the Australian govt. against aboriginal people and their supporters is an attempt to squash protest and must stop. Drop all charges against Lex Wotton and bring to justice the police who murdered him.

    # 236:
    Oct 27, 2008, Nancy Kato, California
    Much like the continued persecution and discrimination of Native Americans in the United States, I am outraged that the Australian government employs similar acts against the Aboriginal community. It’s 2008, the prime minister has apologized for it’s atrocities against Australia’s first peoples, so stop the violence against them and drop the charges against Lex Wotton.

    # 235:
    Oct 27, 2008, Mary Byrd, Washington
    All peoples deserve fairness, justice, and honesty.

    # 234:
    Oct 27, 2008, Sara Spidell, Washington
    I can’t believe this is going on!!! I’m letting more people know! Racist police brutality and subjugation towards Aboriginal people must stop!!

    # 233:
    Oct 26, 2008, Piergiorgio Moro, Australia

    # 232:
    Oct 26, 2008, Matthew Smith, Australia
    Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

    # 231:
    Oct 26, 2008, Anonymous, Australia
    The human race need to see that we are interconnected and that we are all sisters and brothers.

    # 230:
    Oct 26, 2008, Anonymous, Australia
    Where’s the justice?

    # 229:
    Oct 26, 2008, Joseph Combellick, California

    # 228:
    Oct 26, 2008, Elias Holtz, Washington
    Set Lex Wotton free! End the state sanctioned murder of Aboriginals. People in the United States are watching what the Australian government is doing. End police repression now!

    # 227:
    Oct 26, 2008, James E Vann, California
    Self-defense is a basic human right, and protection of the Aboriginal peoples should be a high and enforced priority of the State.

    # 226:
    Oct 26, 2008, Marvin Johnson, Oregon
    Call it karma, call it Galatians 6:7-10, call it blowback but as long as one is unjustly persecuted (or prosecuted) with an unjust racial, social or economic agenda, these hateful, hurtful actions will be returned (and multiplied) upon the perpetrators.

    # 225:
    Oct 26, 2008, Relf Alison Star, California

    # 224:
    Oct 26, 2008, Norma Harrison, California
    We are familiar – entirely too familiar – with government operating under the rubric of ‘democracy’ which implies and stipulates inclusion of free speech, but which is on the intense look-out for its use by us mass, to limit and stop us from it by law and by force whichever comes first.

    # 223:
    Oct 26, 2008, Dave Schmauch, New York
    Drop the charges against Lex Wotton! There was no “riot”. Dissent is not a crime. Stop police brutality!

    # 222:
    Oct 25, 2008, Monique Fabris, Australia

    # 221:
    Oct 25, 2008, Eugenia Celedon, Australia
    Realese Lex Wotton and stop the persecution to Aboriginal people. Drop all charges against Lex Wotton, he is a member or the community.

    # 220:
    Oct 25, 2008, Anonymous, Australia

    # 219:
    Oct 25, 2008, Nancy White, California

    # 218:
    Oct 25, 2008, Ben Butcher, Australia

    # 217:
    Oct 25, 2008, Jodie Dowler, Australia

    # 216:
    Oct 25, 2008, Matthew Finn, Australia

    # 215:
    Oct 25, 2008, Sandra Betts, Australia

    # 214:
    Oct 25, 2008, Bernie Eisenberg, California

    # 213:
    Oct 25, 2008, Anonymous, California
    I am appalled that such a country can be so racist against its citizens. I think that it is high time that Australians come into the civil rights era. With a global economy, other countries are judging what policies the government has towards their neediest citizens. It is a sad fact that my own country’s history has been just as terrible, but we do have laws, and we take steps towards righting the wrongs. Perhaps after this presidential election, my country may take another step to bringing hope to people who have been wronged by those in power. Australia must do the same and bring civil rights for the Koori.

    # 212:
    Oct 25, 2008, Lawrence Lambert, California

    # 211:
    Oct 25, 2008, Charity Luv Colbert, California

    # 210:
    Oct 25, 2008, Mary Gambles, Australia

    # 209:
    Oct 25, 2008, Yuisa Gimeno, California

    # 208:
    Oct 25, 2008, Anne Slater, Washington

    # 207:
    Oct 25, 2008, Robin Bloomgarden, Oregon
    It is always a travesty to hear of anyone, especially indigenous persons, who has been mistreated by persons in authority. It is completely UNACCEPTABLE when they kill these persons. The authorities should be held accountable!

    # 206:
    Oct 25, 2008, Ridwan Laher, South Africa
    Justice Now!! Drop all the charges against Lex Wooton!!

    # 205:
    Oct 25, 2008, Charles Newlin, Oregon
    I was under the illusion that Australia is a humane, civilized country. Apparently you still have a long way to go. Please make a start by releasing Lex Wotton and dropping the charges. You could also recharge your murderous policeman. Please restore my faith in your country! Charles Newlin

    # 204:
    Oct 25, 2008, John Gwaltney, Oregon

    # 203:
    Oct 25, 2008, Peter Shera, Australia

    # 202:
    Oct 24, 2008, Don Stokes, Australia
    After the debacle in which Chris Hurley effectively picked up status and financial gain from at least the manslaughter of an innocent man, it is hard to believe you are actually proceeding with the ludicrous charges against Lex Wooton, who against all odds has behaved in an honourable way throughout this shocking ordeal for the people of Palm Island.

    # 201:
    Oct 24, 2008, Kathryn O’Rourke, Australia
    Oct 24, 2008, Bianca Rayner, Australia

    # 200:
    Oct 24, 2008, Bianca Rayner, Australia

    # 199:
    Oct 24, 2008, Anonymous, Australia

    # 198:
    Oct 24, 2008, Pam Rowley, Australia

    # 197:
    Oct 24, 2008, Cameron McDonald, Australia
    This is just another attempt to silence the right of Indigenous Australians to voice their dissent toward the ongoing, unjust occupation of Aboriginal land and the attempted genocide of Aboriginal Australians and their culture. When a police officer kills a black man it gets overlooked and untried (until this first historic case). When Aboriginal people express their frustration at being continually and violently oppressed, it is called a riot and they are dragged through the legal system for years. This flagrant inconsistency and discrimination is not lost on all Australians. I support the call to have the charges against Lex Wotton dropped and I forward the motion that he and his family and fellow community members get compensated $102,000 each.

    # 196:
    Oct 24, 2008, Marian Sunde, California
    It is appalling that someone can be charged with a crime for defending themself from state violence. Your prosecution of Lex Wotton is being watched by the world, to see if Australia has broken with its genocidal and racist past and joined the 21st century globalized world. Do the right thing. Drop the charges now. Marian Sunde Member, Communications Workers of America, Local 9000, Los Angeles

    # 195:
    Oct 24, 2008, Danielle Rogan, Australia
    This unjust treatment of our fellow citizens is disgraceful. Enough is enough! Say NO to racism.

    # 194:
    Oct 24, 2008, C. louis Mcguire-butts, jr., Oregon
    wake up australia!!!… your history’s just as checkered as usa’s!!!… lots of racism & injustice against the oldest isolated human population on the planet(outside of our 1t trek out of africa)… drop charges against someone whose only crime is to stand up to brutal oppression of himself and his people!!!

    # 193:
    Oct 24, 2008, Anna-Lea Golz, Australia

    # 192:
    Oct 24, 2008, Yvette Maranowski, Oregon

    # 191:
    Oct 24, 2008, Jason Wilson, Australia

    # 190:
    Oct 24, 2008, Ray Berbling, Australia

    # 189:
    Oct 24, 2008, Stephanie Miller, Australia
    Brother Lex is NOT THE GUILTY ONE. He is being made a ‘scapegoat’, by this racist Police force, Laws and government. We all know this is a ‘cover up’ to take the attention away from the REAL guilty party(ies) – and we know who that is! We have been oppressed for too long! I support the brothers and sisters who stood up to the Oppressors of our Human Rights! We are still living Under ‘The Act’- the White Australia Policy Still exists!! DROP THE CHARGES AGAINST LEX WOTTON- Compensation for him and everyone on Palm Island for the Trauma caused by this States’ “Storm Troopers”. This was a RESISTANCE NOT A ‘Riot’!!

    # 188:
    Oct 24, 2008, James Duffy, Australia

    # 187:
    Oct 24, 2008, Emily Woo Yamasaki, New York
    Dear Queensland Justice System representatives: As an advocate of social justice in the United States, I have been appalled at the ongoing abuse and repression of the Aboriginal people as well as human rights and union activists in your country. I urge you to drop all charges against Lex Wotton and to put an end to the trend of Black deaths in custody. The whole world is watching! Sincerely, Emily Woo Yamasaki, New York, New York.

    # 186:
    Oct 24, 2008, Eduardo Martinez Zapata, Oregon

    # 185:
    Oct 24, 2008, Anonymous, Australia
    Let the apology that our government gave to the aboriginal people earlier this year be backed by real action! In a democracy there is no crime in peaceful protest!Please make up for past mistakes based on erroneous judgements of racism!

    # 184:
    Oct 24, 2008, Joel Wilson, Australia
    Palm Island is a beautiful, misunderstood community. On my visits there I have always been welcomed and offered caring hospitality from across the community. Yes there are social problems, but most on the Island understand this and are continually addressing these issues and working together to build a community where all are safe. Most peoples view of Palm comes through mainstream media like local rag the Townsville Bulletin who continue to play to the prejudicous of many non-Indigenous people in Townsville. Local MP Peter Lindsay has also maintained a decade long campaign against Palm, often launching ignorant verbal attacks on a community he has visited on only a handful of occassions. The fury displayed over the murder of Mulrinji was an understandable reaction. Chris Hurley is not innocent and he knows it. Maybe when the time comes for him to pass, he’ll realise that all the money in the world can’t save your soul.

    # 183:
    Oct 24, 2008, Helen Bennett, Australia
    lex wotton is innocent, the Queensland Justice System needs a moral & ethical overhaul.

    # 182:
    Oct 24, 2008, Michelle Brunsmann, Australia
    The targeting of Lex Wotton is clearly innappropriate use of police force for political purposes. The freedom to speak out against injustice is vital in a democratic society, as well as being a basic human right. To especially target the Palm Island community to exercising this right is also gross racism.

    # 181:
    Oct 24, 2008, Liz Reed, Australia

    # 180:
    Oct 24, 2008, Heather Smith, Australia
    The state’s attempts to jail Lex Wotton are aimed at intimidating all future opposition to racist persecution. I demand that all charges against Lex Wotton be dropped and that Senior-Sergeant Chris Hurley be retried for his violence which caused Wotton’s death.

    # 179:
    Oct 24, 2008, Kristine Stevens, Australia
    It is the right of every person to protest against human rights violations with out repercussion. This includes Lex Wotton.

    # 178:
    Oct 24, 2008, Martha Perez, Oregon

    # 177:
    Oct 24, 2008, April Burris, Oregon

    # 176:
    Oct 24, 2008, Tatjana Good, Australia

    # 175:
    Oct 24, 2008, Shaun Stewart, Australia
    convenient justice just aint justice

    # 174:
    Oct 24, 2008, Adrienne Patterson, Australia
    Let us start anew with respect for all and for their human rights.

    # 173:
    Oct 24, 2008, Tory Sorensen, Australia
    Sorry is only a word if it is not backed up with positive action. We have to stop the discriminatory behavior

    # 172:
    Oct 24, 2008, Anonymous, Oregon

    # 171:
    Oct 24, 2008, Janet Cresswell, Australia

    # 170:
    Oct 24, 2008, Pamela Sidney, Australia

    # 169:
    Oct 23, 2008, Jennifer Laverdure, Oregon
    The fight against racism and police brutality is international. In Oregon we have defended the rights of Latino/a immigrant workers to be free of harassment and imprisonment because of their mere desire to work and survive in the global capitalist economy and their activism to be treated as humans. We appreciate Lex Wotton’s courage and fight for justice and stand in solidarity with him. Drop the charges against Lex Wotton! Portland Radical Women, Oregon, USA

    # 168:
    Oct 23, 2008, Norrie MAy-welby, Australia
    Despite the apology, the war against the indigenous population, currently waged by the “criminal justice system”, with almost one in four indigenous people in jail in some states, continues unabated unless the charges against Lex are dropped. It’s time for some real justice, not criminal (in)justice!

    # 167:
    Oct 23, 2008, Marie Hapke, Australia
    Police officers must be accountable for their actions, and for the impact of their actions on Abotiginal communities

    # 166:
    Oct 23, 2008, Giancarlo Di Stefano, Australia

    # 165:
    Oct 23, 2008, Alison Macdiarmid, Australia

    # 164:
    Oct 23, 2008, Anonymous, Australia
    The perpetrators avoids justice by pointing the finger of blame at their victims.

    # 163:
    Oct 23, 2008, Danielle Bain, Australia

    # 162:
    Oct 23, 2008, Naomi Everton, Australia
    The way this Govt treats its indigenous people is truly disgusting.

    # 161:
    Oct 23, 2008, Sue Salthouse, Australia

    # 160:
    Oct 23, 2008, Viv Mehes, Australia

    # 159:
    Oct 23, 2008, Roemary Kelly, Australia
    Bring the murderer Hurley to justice and stop the violent racism of the Queensland police against indigenous Australians. Stop persecuting a man for standing up for his people.

    # 158:
    Oct 23, 2008, Jennie Bremner, Australia
    This prosecution is racist and vindictive. The indigenous people of Palm Island had every reason to riot against the murder of Mulrunji. It is outrageous that the killer has got off scott free but the person who was strong enough to try to resist racist persecution has the full force of the law brought down on them. The real question is why the police who conspired to cover up the evidence have not faced charges as this was ultimately the reason for Hurley being acquitted. Had the CMC done its work the corrupt and violent Qld. police would be in the dock – not Lex Wotton.

    # 157:
    Oct 23, 2008, Anonymous, Australia

    # 156:
    Oct 23, 2008, Anonymous, Australia

    # 155:
    Oct 23, 2008, Philipa Veitch, Australia

    # 154:
    Oct 23, 2008, Geraldine Robertson, Australia
    To protests injustice is a responsibility not a crime.

    # 153:
    Oct 23, 2008, Sigrid Borke, Australia

    # 152:
    Oct 23, 2008, Alison Clarke, Australia

    # 151:
    Oct 23, 2008, Walter Schwarz, Australia
    After all the violence and neglect in the last 200 years by the authorities, how can you blame Aboritinal people if they react violent in a situation of extreme stress and anger? Prosecuting Lex Wotton isn’t justice but intimidation.# 150:
    Oct 23, 2008, Julie Smith, Australia

    # 149:
    Oct 23, 2008, Stephen Pennells, Australia

    http://www.sbs.com.au/firstaustralians/ …….The first Australians and the British, the most powerful Empire in history, come face to face in Sydney on January 26, 1788. Their differences are immense but apprehension quickly turns to curiosity. Friendships form, some between powerful men such as Governor Arthur Phillip and the Aboriginal Bennelong. But by the time this pair leave for London three years later, relations between the two races have soured. The bloodshed worsens as settlers spread out across the land.

    # 148:
    Oct 23, 2008, Jodi Cornish, Australia

    # 147:
    Oct 23, 2008, Arnold Zable, Australia
    For more impact, add a personal comment here

    # 146:
    Oct 23, 2008, Barbara Chapman, Australia

    # 145:
    Oct 23, 2008, Paddy Garritty, Australia
    Drop all charges against Lex Wotton. Haven’t the red-necks committed enough crimes against the native people of this State. I will bet the Queensland Gov’t will be shocked and wonder what happened if the Palm Island people once more get get angry over the difference in justice for white and black people. The next time they might have to send in the army to quell the riots.

    # 144:
    Oct 23, 2008, Grace Gorman, Australia
    Aborigines have a right to resist oppression wherever it occurs, and all people of conscience have a responsibility to support them. We are all part of the same struggle for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    # 143:
    Oct 23, 2008, Glenn Osboldstone, Australia
    That Hurley was the first cop to be tried for the killing of an Aborigine is a tragic indictment of Australia’s judicial and political system. Do not compound this tragedy by continuing with the prosecution of Mr Wotten. As a sign of good faith and reconciliation, he should be released (and secretly compensated to the tune of at least $102K – seems only fair 🙂 ).

    # 142:
    Oct 23, 2008, Ainslie Langdon, Australia

    # 141:
    Oct 23, 2008, Katie Cherrington, Australia

    # 140:
    Oct 23, 2008, Samantha Forbes, Australia

    # 139:
    Oct 23, 2008, Julie Bain, Australia
    Drop the charges against Lex Wotton, this country must finally become accountable for the black deaths in custody that occur. It is to our extreme shame that the recommendations that came out of the Royal Commission into Black Deaths in Custody (1987-1991) have not been implemented. As a nation we continue to ignore our responsibility and allow appalling abuses of power and disregard for the human rights of our fellow australians to occur with tragic consequences.Enough!

    # 138:
    Oct 23, 2008, Liz Turner, Australia

    # 137:
    Oct 23, 2008, Laura Mannen, Oregon
    The right to dissent must be defended! Aboriginal and indiginous peoples everywhere have the right to demand that their cultures/languages/land rights/and national sovereignty be granted. When these rights are denied and trampled upon by racist state violence and so-called “justice”, we must all stand in solidarity to defend their right to resist.

    # 136:
    Oct 23, 2008, Sally Campbell, Australia
    If you don’t charge the police for deaths in custody how can charge Lex Wotton for leading a protest. Especially when these are our first Nations people who we have so savaglly treated. DEATHS IN CUSTODY NEED TO STOP. Its is a disgrace in our so called civilised society

    # 135:
    Oct 23, 2008, Michael Murphy, Alaska
    to continue to use the same brutal tactics there when they did not work in africa, india and ireland shows that they willfully disregard the lessons of history and the rights of free people. to their own everlasting shame.

    # 134:
    Oct 23, 2008, Lauren Hodgson, Australia
    Stop black deaths in custody

    # 133:
    Oct 23, 2008, Susan Williams, New York
    Prevent a horrible travesty of justice and set Lex Wotton free now!

    # 132:
    Oct 23, 2008, Jorge Jorquera, Australia

    # 131:
    Oct 23, 2008, Virginia Mansel Lees, Australia
    All people must be able to exercise their right to free speech and freedom of association particularly when it is speaking out against decades of corruption against indigenous people.

    # 130:
    Oct 23, 2008, Lisa Macdonald, Australia

    # 129:
    Oct 23, 2008, Peter Cahill, Australia

    # 128:
    Oct 23, 2008, Thomas Sailor, Australia

    # 127:
    Oct 23, 2008, Lorraine Yeatman-grant, Australia

    # 126:
    Oct 23, 2008, Anonymous, Australia

    # 125:
    Oct 23, 2008, Cas Heron, Australia
    We cannot undo the past but surely we can do things differently in the present and thus in the future?

    # 124:
    Oct 23, 2008, Daniel Kiag, Australia

    # 123:
    Oct 23, 2008, KAren Phillips, Australia
    Drop all charges against Lex Wotton. And also compensate the Palm Islander’s who were traumatised by the events following the death in custody.

    # 122:
    Oct 23, 2008, Michelle Pellegrin, Australia
    Enough is enough…….Indigenous people want respect and to be treated fairly in our own country. What do we want..justice..when do we want it..now. Step up Queensland government and look out for Indigenous people now, not cover up police brutality towards the Indigenous population. Jail for police officer Hurley..justice for the Indigenous population on Palm Island..

    # 121:
    Oct 23, 2008, Reita Mason, Australia
    Having just read Chloe Hooper’s “The Tall Man” about the Chris Hurley trial and acquittal, I am incensed about the imbalance between justice for Aboriginal people and white Australians. Queensland has for too long thought it can do justice on its own terms, with no accountability for its police members. Cameron Doomadgee’s death led directly to his son’s suicide, and the death of his mother through heartbreak. That’s three lives lost (with no justice or penalties), and the Lex Wootton trial charade supposedly about property damage, continues that targetting of underresourced Aboriginal communities like Palm Island.

    # 120:
    Oct 23, 2008, Yunfeng DU, Australia
    dan du

    # 119:
    Oct 23, 2008, Hazel Brimley, Australia
    Please please show justice!!!!

    # 118:
    Oct 23, 2008, Anonymous, Canada
    This is disgusting. Justice on Palm Island!

    # 117:
    Oct 23, 2008, Terri Murphy, Oregon
    The suppression of democratic protests against racist acts and the promotion and compensation of chris hurley are shocking. Lex Wotton is being used as an example. These acts are focused on maintaining the institutionalized racism that the Austrailian economy is based on. It needs to end. Drop all charges facing Lex Wotton now!

    # 116:
    Oct 23, 2008, Glenn Kirkindall, Oregon
    It is the year 2009 and I am shocked that the level of racism has not diminished in Australia. What is even more disgusting is that in a democratic state any public protest against incidents of racism is being suppressed. Obviously the charges against Lex Wotton should be dropped as he was exercising his democratic rights. If the charges are not dropped this would prove that Australia is democratic only for those with light skin color.

    # 115:
    Oct 23, 2008, Henry Noble, Washington
    Drop All Charges! Free Lex Wotton!

    # 114:
    Oct 23, 2008, Jordana Sardo, Oregon
    Working class, anti-racist activists all over the world are watching – drop these outragious charges and get on with the work of creating an independent, elected civilian review board to drastically curb police misconduct.

    # 113:
    Oct 23, 2008, Stephen Durham, New York
    The history and record of Black deaths in custody in Australia is shocking. Nothing warranted the death of Lex Wotton and the harassment of the Palm Island residents who are justifiably furious about this needs to be acknowledged and respected, not become the reason for yet another tide of racist police intimidation and outright terror.

    # 112:
    Oct 22, 2008, Jane Brownrigg, Australia
    This case would never have happened if Hurley had respected justice and human rights on Palm Island. Do not scapegoat Lex Wotton over what was a legitimate protest staged against Hurley’s abuse and the police closing ranks to protect him.

    # 111:
    Oct 22, 2008, Behrooz Khorsandi, Australia
    I strongly believe that this is an unjust and racially biased witch-hunt. In Australian history this will be another shameful and unjust act. Instead of prosecuting that Police force which has committed crime against Aborigines in Palm Island, prosecution of victims of crime is extremely painful and must not be allowed.

    # 110:
    Oct 22, 2008, Filomena Pereira, United Kingdom

    # 109:
    Oct 22, 2008, Karin Cheyne, Australia

    # 108:
    Oct 22, 2008, Trent Hawkins, Australia
    It’s time we stood up for aboriginal rights and ended this hypocrisy for good. Justice for Lex!

    # 107:
    Oct 22, 2008, Lilia Letsch, Australia

    # 106:
    Oct 22, 2008, Darren New, Australia
    pfft jail time for an activist calling for justice,the ”justice” system is a farce.

    # 105:
    Oct 22, 2008, Caspar Cumming, Australia
    Drop the charges! Just drop them, for Christ’s sake!

    # 104:
    Oct 22, 2008, Robert Bingham, Australia
    Dear fellow Australian, I don’t believe that justice will be served by the state of Queensland’s prosecution of an aboriginal activist protesting over the highly questionable death in custody of Mulruni. I urge you not to proceed with the prosecution. Regards, Red Bingham

    # 103:
    Oct 22, 2008, Kellie Gee, Australia
    It’s time for real justice in this country now.

    # 102:
    Oct 22, 2008, Naomi Farmer, Australia
    This case is racist. Chris Hurley should be jailed, not Lex. Justice would be Lex having all charges his charges dropped and the Palm Island community paid a large sum of compenstation for the heartache and distruction caused by the Queensland police.

    # 101:
    Oct 22, 2008, Lana Hanley, Australia
    # 100:
    Oct 22, 2008, Edith Pringle, Australia

    # 99:
    Oct 22, 2008, Chloe Horner, Australia

    # 98:
    Oct 22, 2008, Felicity Andersen, Australia

    # 97:
    Oct 22, 2008, Klaus Kaulfuss, Austria
    Lex is being used as a scapegoat to cover up the dirty deeds of a corrupt system and inept police service. All Lex was doing is supporting his community and Mulrunji’s family and seek the truth of his killing. This is not just a black and white issue (like all the other 400 or so deaths in custody) it is a human rights issue.

    # 96:
    Oct 22, 2008, Natalie Zirngast, Australia

    # 95:
    Oct 22, 2008, Mieke Bernaards, Belgium

    # 94:
    Oct 22, 2008, Teresa Perry, Utah

    # 93:
    Oct 22, 2008, Jacqueline Bisson, Australia

    # 92:
    Oct 22, 2008, Lynda Memery, Australia

    # 91:
    Oct 22, 2008, Peter Murray, Australia

    # 90:
    Oct 22, 2008, Anonymous, Australia

    # 89:
    Oct 22, 2008, Wertheim Libby, Australia

    # 88:
    Oct 22, 2008, Jo Williams, Australia
    This is a disgrace and an affront to the Australian people, who challenge racist violence against Indigenous Australians. All charges against Lex Wotton should be dropped immediately.

    # 87:
    Oct 22, 2008, Steven GIBSON, Australia
    Drop the charges against Lex Wotton – NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    # 86:
    Oct 22, 2008, Ray Jackson, Australia
    it is more than obvious that lex is recieving ‘special treatment’ from the queensland police arising from his rightous anger at the killing of his friend, mulrunji, by s/s hurley. if convicted, then the guilty police will have collectively whitewashed another crime against aborines and gaoled the innocent.

    # 85:
    Oct 22, 2008, Andy Blunden, Australia

    # 84:
    Oct 22, 2008, Lisa Farrance, Australia
    It’s appalling that the defence of Lex Wotton even requires a campaign. When the state delivers injustice, protest is the only solution. Drop the charges now. And let’s put an end to racist state’s persecution of indigenous people, on Palm Island and everywhere. There will be no peace until there is justice.

    # 83:
    Oct 22, 2008, Alison Thorne, Australia
    It is a racist disgrace that Lex Wotton faces charges while Chris Hurley has been promoted, compensated and continues to walk free. Drop all charges against Lex Wotton now!

    # 82:
    Oct 22, 2008, Catherine Menzies, Australia

    # 81:
    Oct 22, 2008, C COWARD, Australia

    # 80:
    Oct 22, 2008, Adam Pigott, Australia

    # 79:
    Oct 22, 2008, Jeanne Chadwick, Maine
    Humanity must take a stand against the brutal acts of others, who perpetuate racism, sexism, and other acts which deny individuals the right to equal rights, equal justice, and the right live without fear and to voice their concerns against racist violence. Aboriginal and Indigenous people everywhere have been forced to deal with destruction, death, suffering and the theft of their lands, their traditions, culture and even the bones of our ancestors which are often stolen from their final resting place. Drop the charges against this brother who has bravely taken a stand on behalf of all aboriginal and indigenous people who have suffered such travesties of states, country and political power groups on a global scale. Freedom for Lex Wotton!

    # 78:
    Oct 22, 2008, Amanda Watson, Australia

    # 77:
    Oct 22, 2008, Bernie Dowling, Australia
    For more impact, add a personal comment here

    # 76:
    Oct 22, 2008, Kristy Holmes, Australia

    # 75:
    Oct 22, 2008, Gianna Parmesan, Australia

    # 74:
    Oct 22, 2008, Chris Kahler, Australia

    # 73:
    Oct 22, 2008, Fairlie Arthur, Australia
    When will the “Justice system” become JUST towards Indigenous Australians !?! Now is your chance – drop all charges against Lex Wotton. We are watching you, from all around Australia.

    # 72:
    Oct 22, 2008, Monica Brindle, Australia

    # 71:
    Oct 22, 2008, Tony Ayers, Australia

    # 70:
    Oct 22, 2008, Guadalupe Rosales-Martinez, Australia

    # 69:
    Oct 22, 2008, Bernadette Boscacci, Australia

    # 68:
    Oct 22, 2008, Mary Stewart, Australia
    I have read all the accounts of Lex Wotton’s arrest and I have heard him speak on what happened that day. What happened that day to me was the extreme result of the continual unjustice that aboriginal people continue to suffer in their own country. Putting this man in jail will achieve nothing but continue the bitterness and distrust that quite rightly exists in communities where aboriginal people are forced to live under white man’s laws.

    # 67:
    Oct 22, 2008, Jeane Griffiths, Australia

    # 66:
    Oct 22, 2008, Belinda Ott, Australia

    # 65:
    Oct 22, 2008, Alissa Macoun, Australia

    # 64:
    Oct 22, 2008, Randil Samarasuriya, Australia

    # 63:
    Oct 22, 2008, Bree Dixon, Australia

    # 62:
    Oct 22, 2008, Graeme Ottley, Australia
    Lex you have support all around the world. Your fight for justice for your community is a just cause.

    # 61:
    Oct 22, 2008, Mary Graham, Australia
    Free Lex Wotton!!

    # 60:
    Oct 22, 2008, Madge Sceriha, Australia
    Nothing will be gained by continuing with this process. Let us all work together to bring about a better future for our indigenous sisters and brothers through positive creative means and not continue to disempower them through use of the punitive legal system.

    # 59:
    Oct 22, 2008, Anonymous, Australia

    # 58:
    Oct 22, 2008, Jane Polkinghorne, Australia

    # 57:
    Oct 22, 2008, Dean O’callaghan, Australia
    peaceful protest & positive community leaders should be actively supported.. its a no brainer.

    # 56:
    Oct 22, 2008, Karla Willis, Australia

    # 55:
    Oct 22, 2008, Malcolm Forbes, Australia

    # 54:
    Oct 22, 2008, Kevin May, Australia
    Reconciliation will never come unless there is justice. Justice will never come unless there is equal bargaining power for both parties. There is no equal bargaining power for our people on Palm Island due to the clear imbalance of justice for our Palm Island people. Reconciliation in it’s truest form will be a long hard journey.

    # 53:
    Oct 22, 2008, Debra Bentley, Australia
    This is far from an isolated case of Police targeting those who oppose them or expose their criminal actions. They need to be reminded that they are there to uphold the Law & serve the people, and be accountable & responsible for their actions – not be above the Law & protected from criminal acts they have committed. All life is precious & must be protected & all people deserve respect.

    # 52:
    Oct 22, 2008, Jan Woodley, Australia
    Racism in Australia towards indigenous people especially, needs to be recognized by the government of Australia and addressed urgently if they are ever to enjoy equal rights and justice like the rest of the Australian people

    # 51:
    Oct 22, 2008, Davida Shera, Australia
    # 50:
    Oct 22, 2008, Sammani Samarasuriya, Australia
    Why can’t we all live in peace and harmony?

    # 49:
    Oct 22, 2008, Colleen Sariago, Australia
    Stop the Injustice and racism drop the charges against Lex Wotton NOW!

    # 48:
    Oct 22, 2008, Bruce Fisher, Australia
    As a previous serving Police member, I have studied all aspects of the events since the arrest of Mulrunji. I am disgusted with the actions of police during the arrest, after the arrest, the investigation by police after the death, I agree with the finding of the 2nd inquest by the Deputy Coroner of the direct involvement in the death of S/Sergt.Hurley, The prosecution of Hurley was also a disgrace. With all previous reports of Aboriginal deaths in custody and recomendations made to rectify problems shows in my mind that racism and white supremesist attitudes are alive and well within our governments, police forces and justice systems. The outpouring of grief by the residents of Palm Island in the circumstances should not have been seen as riot, and the actions, from government and police in the aftermath was insensitive to indigenous people in the extreme.

    # 47:
    Oct 22, 2008, Anita Thomasson, Australia
    Stop the genocide! Racist police getting away with murder, the state cracking down on those who fight back

    # 46:
    Oct 22, 2008, Shaun Newman, Australia

    # 45:
    Oct 22, 2008, Judy Horacek, Australia

    # 44:
    Oct 22, 2008, Melanie Shambat, Australia

    # 43:
    Oct 22, 2008, Betty McLellan, Australia
    Lex Wotton was standing up for justice for his people on Palm Island. Please drop these unjust charges.

    # 42:
    Oct 22, 2008, Anne Kay, Australia

    # 41:
    Oct 22, 2008, Scott Foyster, Australia
    Keep up the fight for the truth Lex. Hopefully your court case lends some more justice to the events and the world learns how manipulative and abusive the police officers and state is. It’s frustrating to think that fabrications and cover ups like this still happen.

    # 40:
    Oct 22, 2008, Aamer Rahman, Australia

    # 39:
    Oct 22, 2008, Sina Brown-Davis, Australia
    Drop these ridiculous charges, Self Determination for Aboriginal Peoples. Free Lex Wotton Now.

    # 38:
    Oct 22, 2008, Cheryl Kaulfuss, Australia
    These charges against Lex Wotton MUST be dropped immediately. His persecution by the racist state/police highlights the way Aboriginal people in Australia continue to be treated on an ongoing basis. Why isn’t Hurley before the court? He MUST be asked why he continued working on Palm Island as a Qld. police officer after his role/involvement in the death of Mulrunji Doomadgee in Nov. 2004. If indeed the Palm Island community’s grief reaction could be called “riot” surely the responsibility for whatever occurred was provoked by the sight of Hurley in uniform – in stark contradiction to those Recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. A community reaction was actually necessary for the State/Qld. Police to attempt to cover-up the disgraceful behaviour of one of their own in causing the death of yet another Aboriginal person in this country. Millions of dollars of taxpayers money have been spent since the Royal Commission occurred all those years ago, someone must be pocketting a lot of money but still JUSTICE IS DENIED! Of course, we only have to look at the other Aboriginal Deaths in Custody which have occurred to confirm this (Douglas Scott, John Pat, Eddie Murray, TJ Hickey*). *How easy it is to provoke “a riot” in an attempt to deflect the public’s attention from what really happened, scapegoat the traumatised, charge them, incarcerate them, hound the community in an attempt to ensure their silence! Stolen country, stolen children, stolen lives – on & on it goes! If, as we are lead to believe stealing is a crime – how come those doing the stealing are protected by our bizarre system? Enough is enough – time for change. ABORIGINAL PEOPLE ARE ENTITLED TO PEACE & JUSTICE IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY

    # 37:
    Oct 22, 2008, Emma Wallace, New Zealand

    # 36:
    Oct 22, 2008, Therese Vu, Australia
    Racist police brutality is bad.

    # 35:
    Oct 22, 2008, Josephine Shera, Australia
    Racist police brutality towards Aboriginal people makes me sick! When will Australia give Aboriginal people justice?!

    # 34:
    Oct 22, 2008, Anna Shera, Australia

    # 33:
    Oct 22, 2008, Yoav Bar, Lebanon

    # 32:
    Oct 22, 2008, Victoria Brown, Australia
    Stop racisim within the police force now!

    # 31:
    Oct 22, 2008, Alice Olivo, Italy

    # 30:
    Oct 22, 2008, Maria Buchner, Australia

    # 29:
    Oct 22, 2008, Crystal Goecke, Ohio

    # 28:
    Oct 22, 2008, Vladimir Petrov, Russian Federation

    # 27:
    Oct 22, 2008, Anonymous, New York

    # 26:
    Oct 22, 2008, Juanda Honore, California

    # 25:
    Oct 22, 2008, Juanda Honore, California

    # 24:
    Oct 21, 2008, Anonymous, Germany

    # 23:
    Oct 21, 2008, Shawki Moslemani, Australia
    free mr lex wotton drop the charges

    # 22:
    Oct 21, 2008, Margaret Asker, Australia
    IT SEEMS TOTALLY UNFAIR THAT ONE PERSON SHOULD BE SINGLED OUT OF A LARGE GROUP PROTEST. But hey this is Australia, and we only like to be perceived as non-racist…we refuse to demonstrate any sincerity of non-racial beliefs in “our own back yard”. The media feeds our racism by stirring up “public opinion” with biased and untruthful or even worse, no reporting.

    # 21:
    Oct 21, 2008, Sara Shera, Australia

    # 20:
    Oct 21, 2008, Yuri Frusin, Australia

    # 19:
    Oct 21, 2008, Prabakaran Naganathan, Australia

    # 18:
    Oct 21, 2008, Opal Silva, Australia

    # 17:
    Oct 21, 2008, Ruth Groundwater, Australia

    # 16:
    Oct 21, 2008, Peter Hanley, Australia

    # 15:
    Oct 21, 2008, MEREDITH BLAIR, Australia
    Shame on the Queensland government and judiciary. This is state based racism and is wrong.

    # 14:
    Oct 21, 2008, Bill Craig, Germany

    # 13:
    Oct 21, 2008, Anonymous, Lebanon

    # 12:
    Oct 21, 2008, Noritta Morseu, Australia
    I have been to court every week in support of Lex and his family, it is sad to see this Aboriginal family being judged under a system of Law that is not our own and the law being enforced stems back to the British Law of 1800’s. Furthermore, the only newspaper that is reporting the real truth is the National Indigenous Times, an Indigenous Australian newspaper all the others have been very biased in their reporting. This is indicative of the constant negative media coverage about Indigenous Australians, since colonisation, so it doesn’t surprise us at all. We are demanding that the charges against Lex Wotton be dropped. It is sad to see that the whole case is not taken into context in terms of why the Palm Islanders rioted in the first place. They rioted because their loved one, a young member of their community was walking along healthy and well and after being taken into Police custody, he was found dead with 4 broken ribs, his liver cut into two and his spleen ruptured, he also had bruises all over his body. The coroner Christine Clements Report found that Mulrunji was indeed beaten to death by extreme force. The police officer in question has walked free without even being charged with negligence in his duty of care. He even received $100,00 compensation for the damage to his property. The whole community were stunned with disbelief and disgust at the courts decision. Where is the justice in this so-called democratic society?

    # 11:
    Oct 21, 2008, Sigrid De Ruyck, Belgium

    # 10:
    Oct 21, 2008, Panagiotis Rigopoulos, Greece

    # 9:
    Oct 21, 2008, Anonymous, Australia

    # 8:
    Oct 21, 2008, Jenni Judd, Australia

    # 7:
    Oct 21, 2008, Yola Whyte, Georgia
    We can’t have another man down!

    # 6:
    Oct 21, 2008, Dallas Fraser, Australia

    # 5:
    Oct 21, 2008, Andrew Cole, Australia

    # 4:
    Oct 21, 2008, David Lowe, Australia
    How many days of shame can Queenslanders bear? Why is it that components of the Queensland Government are so hypocritical that from the same event one can pay out $100K to one man on a false claim, yet another victimise and make a scapegoat of one innocent man from a crowd of thousands?

    # 3:
    Oct 21, 2008, Pam Boland, Georgia

    # 2:
    Oct 21, 2008, Gracelyn Smallwood, Australia

    # 1:
    Oct 21, 2008, Theresa Petray, Australia

  18. Wayne Warner says:

    Justice is a myth as the colour of skin determines guilt and innocence in Australia. There are certainties that will never change and that is (1) no police officer will ever be convicted for killing black people and (2) no black person will ever be believed in a court of law -especially when any debate is against a police officer.

  19. Lyn Thorpe says:

    When Will There Be Justice For Aboriginal People In This Country?????????????? LEX WOTTON did nothing wrong except care about his people.

    You look at all the atrocities that Aboriginal people have had to live and died through since colonisation, it shows only some of what happened on the recent series…The First Australians…


    In QLD Police Officer CHRIS HURLEY gets rewarded for his part in MULRUNJI DOOMADGEE’S death and LEX WOTTON looks at LIFE imprisonment for fighting for justice in Mulrunji’s honour….


  20. cathy craigie says:

    Once again it shows that Aboriginal people are treated differently when it comes to ‘white mans’ law’
    Shame on the QLD judicial system

  21. Nola Turner-Jensen says:

    Lex is an Aboriginal man who dared to stand up for the lives of his brothers and sisters, when everything and everyone else had failed. In this state, this will get you life and then put you in the most dangerous place for Aboriginal people in this country – the Qld justice system.
    They took our land.
    They took out children.
    Lets not let them take our voice.

  22. Christopher Cooper says:

    Free Lex Wotton Now!

    My heart goes out to Mulranji’s Doomadgee’s & Lex Wotton families, stand strong you have all our support!

    We all know now that the White mans Law is a Black mans Death Sentence…. we must stand and fight against these injustices.

    Gather and let our voices be heard

  23. Bowman Johnson says:

    Our ancestors and elders have suffered enough and now their children and grandchildren still pay the price for being an aborigine…. i am proud to be an aboriginal and i am embaressed to be australian…..

  24. Bowman Johnson says:

    Our ancestors and elders have suffered enough and now their children and grandchildren still pay the price for being an aborigine…. i am proud to be an aboriginal and i am embaressed to be australian…..

  25. Bowman Johnson says:

    because they are racist to us it makes us the angry black mob…. we are not like this all the time we got like this over time…. they wonder why we violent… did you know our children would not be running around doing wrong if we still had our traditional law…. that is why our whole social structure is missing… they took our order away when they took our law away…. now we have to deal with their law which for some reason is not fair… any structure set up for indigenous people really is set up to fail…. because the government call the shots…..
    …… and we are supposed to be the uncivilised and savage race… how could we be a danger to society when we are only 3% of it…..


  26. I read of this story through indymedia in Ireland. I am sorry that my name is added after the date you wish to use this petition but I wish to support your aims anyway. It seems as though the police and state prisons in the Brisbane area are about 100years behind most people’s thinking. I hope that things change soon, I am really shocked at the story of the death of Mulrunji Doomadgee. That the prison officer actually received a large sum of money and promotion is beyond belief.
    Giving you support from Ireland, Miriam

  27. In support from Ireland, wishing you all strength on this long journey.

  28. Zelda Jeffers says:

    Free Lex Wooton, none of us are free until he is free. None of us are free until the jails are empty.
    This terrible injustice should stop at once.
    Love and support from England.

  29. Fiona McCann says:

    This is shocking. Wishing you support from Belfast, Ireland, where police and army brutality have long gone unpunished. We must stand firm and show our solidarity. Good luck!

  30. jenny fraser says:

    shame “queensland” shame, shame, shame

  31. kazim cavuldak says:

    Lex Wotton should be free. we must stop this type of horrendous injustice.

  32. Maïa Ponsonnet, Paris says:

    04 November 2008

  33. As Americans vote in their first black president, the ‘Free Lex Wotton?’ petition tally so far is counted below.

    By 1 Nov 2008

    180 paper petitions (at Rally 1 Nov 2008)
    15 paper petitions (at Foco Nuevo on 31 Oct 2008)
    320 online petitions (from T’vlle Indigenous Human Rights Group at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/free-lex-wotton )
    23 online petitions (at Workers BushTelegraph)

    By 5 Nov 2008

    14 more online petitions (at Workers BushTelegraph)
    34 more online petitions (from T’vlle Indigenous Human Rights Group
    ?? paper petitions ( at vigil outside police HQ Brisbane on 3 Nov 2008)

    Total so far 586 petitions plus the vigil petitions on paper.

    Please sign the petition below

  34. Colin Nettelbeck says:

    Please add my name to the petition

  35. Helen Freitag says:

    I can’t believe these things can still happen. What kind of country is this? Free Lex Wotton!

  36. barbara Pelczynska says:

    it is a shame that after the Queensland racist and discriminatory legislations against Indigenous Peoples was abolished the practice still continues as evident from this obvious injustice – free Lex Wotton

  37. Stanislaw Pelczynski says:

    shame on Australia that still in the 21st century it still perpetuate and tolerates this gross injustice against Aboriginal People as is clear from the Lex Wotton case – free Lex Wotton

  38. Janene Collins says:

    Please add my name to the petition

  39. Cath Blakey says:

    Queenslands “justice” system is as racist as it’s brutal police force.

  40. Alice Nivison says:

    please add my name to the petition. i hope this helps

  41. Joseph Gracia says:

    My blood boils with anger. It is hard for me to suppress these emotions; they cannot and will not remain contained for long. THE C.M.C. IS A FARCE. Chris Hurley is a murdering thug, of the worst kind, that with a position of power. FREE LEX WOTTON NOW!! Repeal this horrible decision.

  42. Joseph Gracia says:

    please add my name to the petition

  43. We signed the “Drop the charges against Lex Wotton” petition!

    # 402:
    Nov 10, 2008, Melinda Jesudason, Australia

    # 401:
    Nov 10, 2008, Adam Watson, Australia
    I urge you to drop the charges against Lex Wotton. The actions he took which lead to his arrest arose out of a deep and just anger at the appauling treatment of his people culminating in the death in custody of another young Aboriginal. To charge Lex Wotton is a grave injustice. It belongs in another time and place, one that I thought we could now look back on in shame.

    # 400:
    Nov 10, 2008, Anonymous, Australia
    to compound one injustice with another is not justice! It would be appropriate to hold a royal commission into the events surrounding and leading up to this event.

    # 399:
    Nov 10, 2008, Anonymous, India

    # 398:
    Nov 10, 2008, Elizabeth Faaoso, Australia
    Drop the charges.

    # 397:
    Nov 10, 2008, Anonymous, Australia
    Free Lex Waton

    # 396:
    Nov 10, 2008, Shannon McDermott, Australia

    # 395:
    Nov 10, 2008, Mehdi Jean Belatreche, Algeria
    every human being deserves dignity, respect and justice.

    # 394:
    Nov 10, 2008, Joeann Millard, Canada

    # 393:
    Nov 9, 2008, Luke Sinclair, Australia

    # 392:
    Nov 8, 2008, Brighid Fitzgerald, Australia
    An injustice has been made. We will be linking arms and joining together as one voice. Australians, global citizens, on the street, until our demand is answered ‘FREE LEX, FREE LEX, FREE LEX’. All we request is justice. We will not be silenced.

    # 391:
    Nov 8, 2008, Libby Price, Australia
    For more impact, add a personal comment here

    # 390:
    Nov 8, 2008, Lucas King, Australia

    # 389:
    Nov 8, 2008, WEndy WEbster, Australia
    I am horrified at the history of this outcome for Lex Wotten. I believe that there is a great discrepancy in the way the police and local indigenous people have been treated over the death of Mulrinji and subsequent events. I look forward to the day when this story can be told truthfully without fear. WEndy

    # 388:
    Nov 8, 2008, John Ivey, Oregon

    # 387:
    Nov 7, 2008, Gregory John O’Flaherty, Australia
    Deaths in custody have not stopped. Why reward Police Officers for doing there job, when the death of a person by a Police Officer caused all this.

    # 386:
    Nov 7, 2008, Bryan Davidson, Australia

    # 385:
    Nov 7, 2008, Dean Connors, Australia

    # 384:
    Nov 7, 2008, Sam Wallman, Australia

    # 383:
    Nov 7, 2008, Mike Peterson, Oregon

    # 382:
    Nov 7, 2008, Casey Phillips, New York

    # 381:
    Nov 7, 2008, Tawna Lowman, Oregon
    I can’t believe that are country would do such a thing.

    # 380:
    Nov 7, 2008, Jodi Sita, Australia
    I belive a terrible injustice is occuring fuelled by racism and police corruption. Please do not proceeede with charges against Lex Wotton for his speach and actions at the rally.

    # 379:
    Nov 7, 2008, Chris Breen, Australia
    Chris Hurley should be in jail, Lex Wotton should be free.

    # 378:
    Nov 7, 2008, Margaret Waddington, Australia
    Queensland justice, for whites only?

    # 377:
    Nov 7, 2008, Susan Docekal, Washington
    Free Lex Wotton!

    # 376:
    Nov 7, 2008, Robin Bee, Oregon
    For more impact, add a personal comment here

    # 375:
    Nov 7, 2008, Emma Tovell, Australia
    Protest today Townsville Courthouse FREE LEX WOTTON

    # 374:
    Nov 7, 2008, Ðavid Drew, Jr., Washington

    # 373:
    Nov 7, 2008, Naomi Wallace, United Kingdom

    # 372:
    Nov 6, 2008, Diana Burgess, Australia
    I cannot believe that the man who started all this goes free with rewards whilst this man is to be punished.

    # 371:
    Nov 6, 2008, Karin Geradts, Australia
    I feel like I’m back in the 50s in Southern USA! For Goodness’ Sake stop the oppression and persecution of already disadvantaged people! It’s an outrage in any civilized society, but especially in my own country, Australia!

    # 370:
    Nov 6, 2008, Can Atik, Turkey

    # 369:
    Nov 6, 2008, DIANE MOORE, Australia

    # 368:
    Nov 6, 2008, Peta Fisher, Australia
    People want justice for all, but where does justice start for aboriginal people. We are not violent people it is only human nature to defend yourself and family when violence is being forced on us. We try everyday of our lives to trust the law and justice system within Australia and everyday we are beaten down by it. When is enough enough, most of the aboriginal people today now only 1 life and that is of the white man, most of us aborigines have lost our true culture and are still struggling today to live a life that most white people wouldn’t dare put up with let along lose a family member over. Life is to short, let’s make a change if not for ourselves but for the people of the future our children and grandchildren. It’s amazing what change can do for everybody.

    # 367:
    Nov 6, 2008, Mischa Fisher, Australia
    Free Lex Wotton Now put the men who are to blame in Jail.

    # 366:
    Nov 6, 2008, Dallas Taylor, Australia

    # 365:
    Nov 6, 2008, Lana Calnan, Australia
    It’s time – white Australia must band together with our Indigenous brothers and sisters to STOP this type of behaviour forever.

    # 364:
    Nov 6, 2008, Jennifer Hancock, Australia
    This is a slur against all Australians if this is allowed to ha

    # 363:
    Nov 6, 2008, Anonymous, Australia
    The litany of travesties of justice against Indigenous Australians must stop here. Dropping of charges against Lex Wotton must be the first tangible effect of the Prime Minister’s Apology. Stop criminalising Indigenous Australians.

    # 362:
    Nov 6, 2008, Bernard Brown, Australia
    Typical isn’t it? A Qld police officer actually admits killing someone and walks away? If anyone else other than a politician or cop did the same thing he/she would be locked away and doing a life sentence guaranteed. But…. this is Qld huh?

    # 361:
    Nov 5, 2008, Heidi Onur, Australia
    Post colonialism, we are still today in contemporary Australia witnessing ‘white Australia policy’ and gross injustice and inequality throughout the states.The rift that is vast between the true Australians KOORIS and the white Australians needs much work. The disparity is immense and there will be no healing until the three tiers of government accept the atrocities that were committed and reform and implement new policies that are just and fair in the 21st century. The declararion of Human Rights was ratified for a reason and yet Australia and many other countries fail to implement or adhere the these resoloutions. let us all then stand together, Indigenous and white,and tell the Commonwealth and Queensland State government that enough is enough – FREE LEX WOTTON NOW!

    # 360:
    Nov 5, 2008, Chris Dracos, Australia
    This is just atrocious! A complete injustice!

    # 359:
    Nov 5, 2008, Diane Frances, Australia

    # 358:
    Nov 5, 2008, Cheri Joy, Australia

    # 357:
    Nov 5, 2008, Kate Harrison, Australia

    # 356:
    Nov 5, 2008, Toni Lawson, Australia
    These charges and indeed the whole situation are a cause of extreme shame for the entire australian nation, and the queensland government in particular. Completely disgusting, drop the charges, and pay Lex Wotton the compensation for loss of liberty and trauma that he deserves. There should be culturally appropriate counselling made available to the broader Indigenous community on Palm Island. And compensation for the trauma they have experienced at the hands of Qld police. Then i’d like to see the officers in question re-trialled thanks. Unbelievable.

    # 355:
    Nov 5, 2008, Maureen Sweeney, Australia

    # 354:
    Nov 5, 2008, S. Lamble, United Kingdom

    # 353:
    Nov 5, 2008, Eric Gjertsen, Pennsylvania
    The outrageous charges against Lex Wotton must be dropped immediately, and the whitewash of the police killing of Mulrunji and other Aboriginal people cannot be allowed to stand. Impunity for racist torturers and killers must end, everywhere. Where are the hundreds of thousands of dollars for the victims of state violence, the mothers and children who must pick up the pieces when their loved ones are locked up far away, brutalized, or killed? Instead they cut our welfare and take our children from us. It is the same system in the US that has locked up Rev Pinkney in Benton Harbor Michigan (see http://www.globalwomenstrike.net/USA/standagainstracismactionalert.htm), Mumia Abu-Jamal for decades in Pennsylvania, the SF8 Black Panthers dragged back into court on no basis decades later, or in Oaxaca Mexico where movement leaders are arrested, raped and even blamed for a paramilitary killing (Brad Will), or in Bolivia where campesinos are routinely massacred by gangs linked to the racist elite and ultimately to the US government. Impunity has allowed the US to remove a democratically elected government in Haiti and to invade Iraq. It allows banks to steal and be rewarded with public funds. Impunity is what makes the biggest crimes pay. But we are winning some: see “Ex-Officer Linked to Brutality Is Arrested” (http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/people/s/susan_saulny/index.html) and Troy Davis, an innocent young Black man on death row who with the tireless campaigning of his family and thousands around the world has so far blocked his execution (http://www.troyanthonydavis.org/). Invest in Caring, Not Killing! Eric Gjertsen ericgj@paydaynet.org Payday men’s network http://www.refusingtokill.net Working with the Global Women’s Strike http://www.globalwomenstrike.net

    # 352:
    Nov 5, 2008, Preaud Martin, France

    # 351:
    Nov 4, 2008, Castejon Vanessa, France

    # 350:
    Nov 4, 2008, Dismantle Police, Australia
    If i took your family into a room and when i walked out they were all dead, you would say I murdered them. SAME DEAL.

    # 349:
    Nov 4, 2008, Amy McKenzie, Australia

    # 348:
    Nov 4, 2008, Tracey Motlop, Australia

    # 347:
    Nov 4, 2008, June Wojda, Oregon

    # 346:
    Nov 4, 2008, Amber Hammill, Australia
    This is truly a revolting situation. Lex Wotton should be getting a bravery award, not a sentence.

    # 345:
    Nov 4, 2008, Simon Northeast, Australia
    it’s time the queensland police served all queenslanders equally.this arrest is purely political. the queensland government did appear to have come a long way since the racism of joh’s government.It is time police stood up to their political masters and acted independently

    # 344:
    Nov 4, 2008, Brian Procopis, Australia
    Not sure what the answers to addressing the historical animosities are but i don’t see the arrest of Lex Wotton and the rewarding of involved Police Officers as being helpful to this process. Relationship building & the re-establishment of trust – very complex. I’m sure there are key (agenda-neutral) people who can be invited to guide this process.

    # 343:
    Nov 4, 2008, Lance Willmett, Australia
    Found guilty by a all white jury, what hope did this warrior for his people ever have.

    # 342:
    Nov 3, 2008, Tracey French, Australia

  44. Thanks go out to the Musgrave Park Cultural Centre who have collected another 16 petitions and sent them to Workers BushTelegraph on 7 Nov 2008.

  45. tracey Quinn says:

    Protesting the murder of another human being whether he is an Indigenous man or not is wrong, very, very wrong. The treatment of Lex Wotton is appalling and his sentencing should never have happened. Les Wotton should be freed immediately.

  46. Amanda Pehi says:

    Lex Wotton is a matyr compared to the piece of shit that is hiding behind a uniform at the Gold Coast. Justice will be served for that fool and his day will come. Let’s just hope it is soon. FREE LEX

  47. coralie cassady says:

    Hurley not guilty Aboriginal murder crime.
    Wotton guilty facing jail-time.
    Murder an Aborigine,
    No penalty.
    Receive compensation, promotion and walk free.

  48. Report on Human Rights rally organised by the Aboriginal Rights Coalition by Ian Curr

    The last Human Rights function in 2008 in Brisbane was a rally at Queens Park on Saturday 13 December 2008. Photos of the rally can be seen at Human Rights Rally Photos — 13 December 2008, Queens Park Brisbane

    The sorry progress of human rights for Aboriginal people in Queensland and the Northern territory was mapped out by various speakers to a small crowd.

    Lauren Mellor
    spoke of the use of discriminatory social security laws brought in by the former federal government and continued by the current labor government.

    Sam Watson spoke about the struggle of aboriginal people since the 1948 declaration of human rights by the United Nations.

    Sam told the rally that aboriginal people had no citizenship rights in Australia and were the subject of harsh control of the Department of Native Affairs in Queensland.

    Sam asked if anything changed, ask Anna Bligh, ask Rudd if anything has changed in the past 60 years since the UN declaration of Human Rights had been signed by Australia.

    He described how Murri activists demonstrated outside the building on 19 (?) November 1971 [now demolished and rebuilt as the Crown Casino Motel] across George Street from Queens Park to change the laws that the Dept of native Affairs used against aboriginal people.

    He said that some of them were bashed and arrested but they eventually got rid of the laws (the Queensland Acts).

    Sam raised the Lex Wotton campaign and attempts to have police held accountable for the death of Mulrunji. He spoke of aboriginal organisations like Murri Watch that try to prevent black deaths in custody.

    He spoke of the unfair rates of incarceration for aboriginal people. 35 – 40 % of the jailed population is aboriginal when they make up on 2.5 % of the total Australian population. Sam said that aboriginal people are not a criminal people. When they go to court they have a greater chance of being convicted than white people.

    “We are not a criminal people but we are being arrested at a higher rate, the system is designed to keep us in there designed to incarcerate aboriginal people. ”

    Not withstanding the UN declaration of human rights.

    He spoke about Mulrunji and Lex Wotton. A campaign was mounted, the trial was down here in the Brisbane district court, send a Christmas card or a letter to brother Lex. The lawyers are going through the transcript to see if an appeal can be mounted. A senior police officer admitted to having lied on the stand he had lied to protect his mate Snr Sgt Chris Hurley.

    We are demanding a royal commission into the death in custody of Mulrunji Doomadgee, the police witness have all lined up behind Hurley and protected him. Hurley did admit that he had caused a death of a prisoner in his custody. Maintain massive public pressure. Hurley breached at least 11 key recommendations of the royal commission into black deaths in custody. We are asking that an aboriginal person survive the night in jail. We want police to remember the recommendation of the royal commission. Not just aboriginal person, there are suspicious deaths of non-indigenous.

    He spoke of police violence and its effect on aboriginal people and drew parallels with police brutality by ‘democratic’ regimes elsewhere. He spoke of the 15 year old Greek boy who was shop by police on the streets of Athens, the two police have been stood down and arrested under criminal charges. He spoke of the 15 year old Melbourne boy in Northcote in Melbourne who was shot by Victorian police the day before.

    Sam reminded people of the tragic death of John Pat in Roebourne in West Australia. John Pat was bashed to death by 4 police in Roebourne WA and yet an all white jury took only a few minutes to acquit them on all counts. [See Uncle Jack Davis’ poem called ‘John Pat’].

    We have made a solemn contract with the people of Palm Island that we will find the people responsible for the death of Mulrunji Doomadgee.

    He argued that ‘we maintain the pressure, bring forward the petition, break down the locked watchouse doors, to get inside the Palm Island watchouse and find out what happened to Mulrunji, the unlawful killing of Mulrunji, and bring the people responsible before a court and have them held accountable.

    Two comrades from the trade union movement stepped forward with a red flag. The older trade union man read out a poem about the intervention, the human rights question, the stolen generation, black deaths in custody and the latest being the incarceration of Lex Wotton :

    True owners and caretakers of this land
    This wonderful, wonderful sun kissed land
    How proud you make us for what you stand
    You stand against the oppressor’s hand.

    Those who rape and plunder your earth
    All in the name of the dollars worth
    Your culture, your life, your children gone
    Little wonder you feel so degraded and worn
    For the oppressor only knows one kind of wealth
    That of greed for his own oneself.

    This, true owners and caretakers of this land
    This wonderful, wonderful sun-kissed land
    How proud you make us for what you stand
    You stand against the oppressor’s hand.

    And like your great dream-time
    Others too, can hope and dream
    That the might of right will overcome
    This avarice greed so openly done.

    Andrew Bartlett then spoke to emphasize two points. He acknowledged the traditional owners of the land like the others who spoke. He spoke of the universal declaration of human rights, that Doc Evatt [a former Attorney-General and Minister for External Affairs (i.e. Foreign Affairs) , and also a former Labor Opposition Leader] was heavily involved in making and that we should be proud that our people and our government led this (new develpment).

    He spoke of the degradation of human rights at the same time, how leaders and community were blind to that when they went up on the international stage to put forward the UN declaration of human rights.

    However to do this when aboriginal people did not have the right to vote, no freedom of movement, were locked up and jailed and placed on reserves, this showed the lack of recognition of indigenous Australia.

    He spoke of the the proposed charter of rights (a bill of rights) and that it would be a good idea but that it is just a law. He warned about laws – that they can be changed, laws like the racial discrimination act can be changed (as has happened in the NT).

    Andrew said that the voice of the people is the only thing that can change laws and to make sure that they are administered properly.

    He said that it may have been lawful that Lex Wotton was jailed, but it is not just, there is no way that it was just and nor was it lawful that Mulrunji was killed in police custody.

    Andrew said:

    “We can only get good laws by community pressure. That is the key message of human rights day and that there is no where that these laws have been administered so unjustly as they have against aboriginal people.

    An indigenous woman then spoke, she said that she was 37 years old and was a foster mother to many indigenous kids. She said that three of her boys had died in custody.

    She has a son with a mental illness, and he has a nine year old daughter:

    my son is a schizophrenic, an indigenous young male looking after his daughter, and the police made him out to be a pedophile, when all he was doing was looking after his daughter.

    She spoke of the times she went to police watchouses only to find that her kids had been beaten up, they had black eyes and cut lips. She said that the bulleyman (cops) thought that they could get away with anything, she said that she too had been bashed by 6 police because she voiced her opinion. She sauid that she stood up for her rights and went to court but that “the bulleyman lied on oath“.

    Because she stuck up for her rights, she went to the supreme courts, she had been abused and molested in Wilston Prison as a young woman, and the only compensation that she got was $7,000. She blamed Anna Bligh, she said that she was wrong. Our younger generation have to get out and fight for their rights. The bulleyman have to be made subject to traditional law. “Uncle Sam Watson, my foster father, he has helped me, he taught me how to find out where I came from and who i was and to stand up for myself.”

    The next speaker spoke abut the NT intervention and how aboriginal people are coming off second best. He said that the economic disadvantage of aboriginal people in the NT. He explained how racist ideology was being used to justify austerity during the economic downturn, he said that all oppressed minorities had to unite to prevent this. That there had been an upturn in racism blaming unemployment on migrant workers. it is fight against the system, a system for thew rich, a fight against racism involves all society, all the working class, the unions have to get involved.

    The next speaker said that it was no surprise the way the laws were used against aboriginal people when the economy was a war economy to fight against the people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Australian troops are killing people overseas. We do not want a parliamentary system. How much is spent on the war to kill people. We need to end the war. We need a workers revolution, we need to do it through workers struggle and should join a socialist organization and to take an anti-war position.

    A Palm Island man, Vaughan, spoke next. He siad that he wanted to talk about the Palm Island people. He said that Lex Wotton and Cameron Doomadgee were well respected by the people in his community and how tragic it was when Cameron died. He said that he and his family lived with Lex and his family on Palm Island.

    “Good men like Lex and Cameron and many more people that get punished in our society, but there are racists and liars in (broader) society, we want to see justice in our community, were suffering, because of the lies of others. You cannot replace innocent people like Cameron Doomadgee, we can tell lie and cheat and con, we can lie to ourselves but not to god.”

    “Lex Wotton is a good man. I grew up with Lex for years in a valley on Palm Island, we shared and cared for each other. Lex never swore [Editors Note: police verbals had Lex swearing profusely during the confrontation on Palm Island for which Lex was given 6 years jail] and he always told the truth, he was a good father, a good brother and he got punished for stranding up. But we have to live with liars…”

    “He got jailed for standing up for his rights, for another brother that got murdered in a cell.” A palm island man yelled out form the crowd, “it was the government” “The innocent get bashed” “Yeah”

    “Cameron Doomadgee was not a cheeky man he had a lot of love in his heart, the innocent get bashed, the innocent get murdered, Why? Why?”
    [Editors Note: police allege that Cameron was cheeky to Snr Sgt Hurley and this was the reason he was arrested. The coroner said that Cameron’s arrest was unlawful. No punitive action has yet been taken against Hurley for his unlawful arrest and killing of Cameron Doomadgee]

    “He (Hurley) walked free Palm Island had never been the same, I cry when I go to Palm, I cry when I get off that boat, I cry. Amongst my people, it still lives on, the lies still live in our society. I am not a racist person I have a lot of white friends, there is no one better than the next person, the cruelty to aboriginal people, it stinks! it stinks! It is disrespectful to our community, to our elders, all we ask for is respect , always respect your elders no matter who they and what they are, there is no respect no more, the world has been turned upside down, the world has to be shaken! Do something! For our children! For black and white children!

    “i was walking down the road the other day, I am glad to be be an aboriginal person, I was called ‘a big nosed bastard’. That is disrespectful!”

    Mark Gillespie said that we are not going to march but we are gong to have a discussion after the rally about the Northern Territory Intervention and what is happening next year, we are going to go to Canberra for the opening of parliament and we wish to discussion how we are going to organise that. [Opening of parliament convergence: 1-3 February 2009].

    Timothy Cummins, a bwgcolman man, spoke next, he told us how his mother was sent to Palm Island at the age of three:

    “… my mother along with 127 tribes and nations were sent to Palm Island. We have been through many trials, my mother was part of the stolen generation, this is the history, I am a descendant of that history, back in traditional times this would never have happened. Bwgcolman means many people one tribe, many tribes, one people. I cried during the stolen generation (apology), I cried day and night, for 48 hours for my people, me elders, me I am born free, i am not a yes person i tell the truth, my ancestors they were born in chains, this system has got to recognise this, the apology earlier in the year that was one step, compensation that has git to come next, any of our people that die, they die, it is wrong, there is a lore in this country, it has been here for a long time, (before the white fella came). It is about respect for my grandmother, for our elders. I live by that lore. You talk about human rights, well come and sit in our shoes, I work in the T’vlle cultural centre, and tourists come and say what a beautiful country you have, and i tell them straight, you come a sit in our camp and you tell us how beautiful it is. It is not really nice at all, when you live in a native land. That is all i have to say thank you.”

    The next speaker was also a bwgcolman who left 40 years ago, I am also a human being, i bleed red, i cry, i remember, a lot of people don’t know about my dad, he was the first indigenous person to win a gold medal in boxing, but he won the gold medal even before he got into that ring, there were a lot of white people who wanted him to lose.

    [Editors Note: Former bantamweight boxing champion Jeffery Dynevor made history at the 1962 Commonwealth Games in Perth as the first Aboriginal person to win a gold medal. He died in July 2008, Born in the south-western Queensland town of Thargomindah, he moved to Cherbourg as a boy when his parents were forcibly sent to a mission. See ABC News ].

    To love one another, a lot of people are forgetting what it is to be a human being. We have desires and greed that stems our growth, the injustice aginst our people, my people, when all the trees are born and everything dies, then so do we, if you gonna mess with mother nature, you keeping hurtin’ her she will hit back, and there is nothing you can do about it. He recited a poem that he wrote while in prison:

    I belong to this land
    But you came and took her
    And left me to die

    Into your world you took me
    But I must never cry

    Before you came
    I was immune to your material race
    For I was happy and I belonged
    To this, my native place

    You showed me greedy ways of life, loathing
    I have never been before
    Also, violent wars and strife
    A world that you adore

    Though gospel preach
    Thou shalt not kill
    You say your god is true?

    But why did you do this?
    To my people?
    Which I will never do to you

    So let me get some atom bombs
    And play a christian game.
    If Jesus Christ came back today
    On who would he lay this blame.
    Like atoms we are forced to live
    Devoid of pride and race
    Spite and self-denial
    Is all from yours, you gave.

    I do not wish priority
    But simple human rights
    To live as my ancestors did
    In peace and not in fights.

    The last aboriginal speaker said that he came from Torres Strait, he said he wanted to voice his concern about death in custody, he said that he did not speak ’em good English but that was alright, Palm Island they are my people too, they come from Thursday island everything that is of concern on palms Island is my concern. If you do something wrong then you get speared through leg and that is it. He cried. Free Lex, OK. That was his message. He then sang his own version of “Tie me kangaroo down sport”.

    Lauren Mellor
    closed the rally, thanking everyone for stepping up to speak out, she told people that the Aboriginal Rights Coalition meets every Wednesday at Trades Hall in Peel Street South Brisbane. (with a break until next year before the convergence to Canberra and Invasion Day).

    After the rally I gave a letter to Sam Watson together with 285 signed petitions. To read the petition click Free Lex Wotton Petition

    here is the letter that i gave Sam:

    To Sam Watson
    106 Norton Street
    Upper My Gravatt 4122

    Hello Sam,

    This is to let you know that I have 285 signed petitions to free Lex Wotton.

    These were collected by members of the Aboriginal Rights Coalition after Lex was jailed in November this year.

    There are another 404 online petitions on the T’vlle Indigenous Rights Group website

    Plus there are 56 messages of support to your petition on Workers Bush Telegraph.

    These are in addition to the ones that you have already handed to the Speaker of the Parliament.

    If you get a chance, could you please pass this information on to Lex Wotton and his family? This is a small sign of appreciation considering the sacrifice they have all made.

    I will give you the original petitions when we next meet, hopefully at the Human Rights rally on 13 December 2008.

    In solidarity,
    Ian Curr
    13 December 2008

    1. FREE LEX! He should never been arrested! Bring corrupt police to justice for their cover-ups, white-washing and deception. Respect the Traditional Owners and show compassion to their families and communities. Let us as Australians face our past and move together towards a future secured by peace, love and justice.

  49. Andrew Ferguson says:

    Chris Hurley should be behind bars. FREE LEX WOTTON!!!

  50. DAVID VALE says:

    Please add my name. David Vale

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