A question of opportunity missed, and a scoop lost

imageQuest Newspapers have published a second article (at left) about a group of people concerned about what an arms manufacturer is doing running a business in suburban Murarrie.

The South-east advertiser has missed another opportunity and lost a scoop.

To recap, I wrote the following letter to this Quest newspapers before the last protest at the Raytheon officers. My letter read :

“Dear Editor,

As a local resident [eastern suburbs of Brisbane], the front-page story in the South-East Advertiser of 9 July 2008 titled “Blood Feud — protestors perform bizarre ‘exorcism’” raises some important issues.

Though difficult to discern from the article, it seems that Raytheon provides training and weapon systems support for the navy and for the air force at nearby Amberley F-111 base. Not evident from the front-page [story], this multi-national weapons dealer was the subject of protest by a Christian group.


This being the case, the ‘blood feud’ angle taken by your paper was itself strange for it hides what must concern many of your readers namely:

1) Does Raytheon manufacture and supply weapons in Australia?
2) How are those weapons used?
3) Where are those weapons used and against whom?

Might I suggest that your journalist not accept the ‘no comment’ from Raytheon reported on page 3 but take a more investigative approach to find out on behalf of the local community what an international arms dealer is doing in Murarrie.

Ian Curr
Resident of Camp Hill
Ph: 07 3398 5215
Email: iancurr@optusnet.com.au

This is the reply Raytheon CEO Ron Fisher (at left in photo below) gave to Quest in answer to my first question



So Raytheon doesn’t make the missiles in Australia. They just aim and fire them. And they train others to fire them.

I am still waiting for the answers to my second and third questions:
2) How are those weapons used?
3) Where are those weapons used and against whom?

While I am on about questions, why not ask the police why they told the magistrate that Raytheon offices were on public property?

Ian Curr
August 2008

3 thoughts on “A question of opportunity missed, and a scoop lost

  1. I am a neighbour of the Raytheon folks in Brissie. Dowling and friends don’t seem to get it: there are no weapons of ANY sort being manufactured there!!!! Get it?? I’ve been in their office, and it’s just that: an office. Lot’s of accountants, engineers and boffins – but no weapons. How many times do they need to be told?? (or is it more a case that you don’t want to believe? Maybe you’re just trying to pick a fight).

    Oh, and by the way Dowling – come on back any time mate. You guys provided great entertainment for everyone on the estate the other day when you tried to gain access to the building! Dear me, that blonde lady with you got cranky, didn’t she!!?? I can only imagine how amused the Raytheon folks were. Just do us two favours – next time, send your kids to the flicks or something, rather than brainswashing them. Also, plese don’t obstruct us from entering our place of business again – it’s our office too, and we don’t care for your cause or your tactics.

    From a resident of Gateway Office Park.

  2. Jim dowling says:

    Dear resident,
    thanks for taking the time to write this.

    If you had stopped to talk to us last week (or anytime) as one friendly gentleman from upstairs did, you would realize we have never claimed Raytheon made any weapons at Murrarie.

    We point out in our leaflets that the guided missiles and cluster bombs to which we refer are made in Tuscon Arizona.

    I am sure the offices are part of the distribution network for the weapons of mass destruction however.

    The fact is Hitler possibly never killed anyone personally, but most people would have thought his bunker a legitmate target in WW11. Unlike the allies in WW11 however, we are pacifists and only use the weapons of nonviolence, no matter how many of our brothers and sisters are murdered by Raytehon weapons. So we will continue the exorcise the demons behind the corporation at Ryahteon offices wherever they are. WE believe only a demonic spirit would enabel any normal person to work for such a corporation – in its factories or offices.

    Perhaps you have other misconceptions about what we believe, so I would be happy to talk to you via email or phone, or perhaps you could introduce yourself next time we are there. The other worker in your building, once he had spoken to us briefly, said’ good on you!”

    (Though I am not suggesting we would quickly turn you around to that position of course! – perhaps you could make us see things from your point of view.)

    All the best
    Jim Dowling

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