Construction workers campaign for equal rights

imageThe ABCC has charged an VIC CFMEU official Noel Washington for refusing to give evidence on discussions with union members, join us in calling for the abolition of the ABCC and the dropping of charges against Noel Washington.

Construction workers campaign for equal rights

Construction workers in Australia have a different set of laws and rights than other Australians. They can be called before secret hearings of the government’s enforcement agency the Australian Building and Construction Commissioner (the ABCC) and questioned about union meetings.

They must answer all questions. If they do not attend or answer all questions they face harsh penalties, including six months imprisonment. They can be denied representation by the lawyer of their choice. Virtually all industrial action is illegal and can be punished by fines against individual workers and their union representatives.

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2 thoughts on “Construction workers campaign for equal rights

  1. All delegates meeting took place here in Melbourne last wednesday
    and Noel Washington spoke and got a standing ovation.

    An AMWU delegate’s proposal to STRIKE on the August 8th Court Date was itself struck down and those assembled voted for rallies as strategy for the present.

    Union Solidarity continues its good work eg at CSR:

    CSR Protest: Why Union Solidarity organises assemblies

    Friday 25th July 2008 saw 100 Union Solidarity activists from the Western suburbs shut down the CSR Construction site, Lyell St Yarraville.
    Workers and their unions on this site have a range of longstanding issues.
    However Union Solidarity, as friends know, is less concerned with the issues than we are with the use of undemocratic laws against workers and their unions in the righteous pursuit of their interests.
    It is this central point around which Union Solidarity was formed and continues to protest: union activities are not criminal as current industrial law paints them, but are simply designed to insure that workers have the same rights as employer organisations in the pursuit of their interests.

    read more:

  2. Dear Ian,

    Over the past few weeks, you were one of thousands that joined the Rights on Site campaign. When we sent out that first email, we were aiming for 5200 people – 100 signatures representing the average number of construction workers killed from work related incidents or illnesses each year.

    The response was overwhelming and we reached our target in less then 48 hours.

    The stakes have now been raised and it is time to double the numbers.

    Will you help us by telling your mates? Our new target is 10,000 in the next week. Use this link or just forward the email below.

    In November, a delegation of construction workers will be travelling to Canberra to give your petition to the Prime Minister.

    Last week on October 8, Federal Court Judge Justice Spender threw out a court case brought by the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) against the Plumbers Union in Queensland, saying: “The case was misconceived, was completely without merit and should not have been brought.”

    Justice Murray Wilcox in his 10 October discussion paper on the future of the ABCC shattered the case made by big business and property developers for its retention. We finally read an admission in black and white that the big builders and developers openly accept the laws are discriminatory.

    Now is the time to build the pressure to stop these laws and we need your help. If everyone asked a mate to sign the petition, we could have over 10,000 people supporting our campaign for rights on site to ensure that construction workers have the same rights has every other worker.

    Help us raise the stakes and double our numbers to 10,000 in the next week.

    Thanks for your support

    Dave Noonan and the rest of the Rights on Site Campaign Team

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