National Day of Action for Aboriginal Rights!

" Revolutionary movement and opposition to state power, in the defence of truth is at the heart of anti-imperial struggle. Frantz Fanon wrote:"You do not show proof of your nation from its substantiate its existence in the fight which the people wage against the forces of occupation. No colonial system draws its justification from … Continue reading National Day of Action for Aboriginal Rights!

Talisman Saber 2008 Tags: peace,anti-war,socialism,militarism Join us in two important PEACE events in the lead up to AUS - US War games Talisman Saber 2008… Indigenous peace activists from Guam (Guahan) will be visiting Brisbane June 26-29, 2008. The Chamoru people have had their homeland annexed by the US and used as a major  strategic military post … Continue reading Talisman Saber 2008