Talisman Saber 2008

Join us in two important PEACE events in the lead up to AUS – US War games Talisman Saber 2008…

Indigenous peace activists from Guam (Guahan) will be visiting Brisbane June 26-29, 2008. The Chamoru people have had their homeland annexed by the US and used as a major  strategic military post – with 1/3 or more of the land used by the US military. Now this is set to increase as community opposition to US bases in Japan and the Philippines has lead to US plans to seek other stations for its troops. The strengthening of China, in particular, and changes in the former USSR have lead the US to want to strengthen its position in the Pacific.

Guam and Australia play a major part in the US “strategic realignment.” Shoalwater Bay, near Rockhampton , hosts huge US war games (Operation Talisman Saber) every two years – and will be doing so again in 2009. Brisbane hosts US military visits including nuclear powered and nuclear capable war ships.

Dr. Lisa Natividad and Julian Aguon will be sharing their community’s story of struggle and striving for sovereignty and peace in the face of US occupation in a series of events.

Join us in making the links between Brisbane, Shoalwater, Guam and the Pacific!

June 26 (Thursday)2008  Welcome Dinner – Pot Luck

We will be also welcoming Auntie Olive Donald and Janette Yoi Yeh, Darumbal elders (Shoalwater Bay) at this event:

Please bring something to eat or drink or a song, poem, etc to share!

Time: 6pm

Place: St. Mary’s House (behind the church)

cnr Merivale and Peel Streets) South Brisbane

June 28 (Saturday) Community BBQ and Public Meeting

Time: 1pm BBQ (vegetarian & meat available) – all welcome

2pm Public Meeting: The hidden war in the Pacific – the Struggle of the indigenous people of Guam\

(Guahan) against US militarism… (and Australia’s role today!)


We need help with:

Drivers for our guests

Food for dinner and BBQ

Cooks for BBQ

BBQ for BBQ (that is the actual thing you cook on!)

Set up and tidy up of BBQ, Public Meeting and Dinner

Promotion: Media, Sending out info to Egroups, Postering – leafletting etc

Events supported by: Peace Convergence, Australian Anti-Bases campaign Coalition, Society of Friend (Quakers), Queensland Nuclear Free Alliance, Rally for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament

For more information – or to help out:

Queensland Nuclear Free Alliance – Peace Convergence

Robin 0411 118 737

2 thoughts on “Talisman Saber 2008

  1. This is Kristy from Melbourne.

    We’ve just had Lisa and Julian visit and I am re inspired for Talisman Sabre 09, as are some of the other crew from down south.

    I’m wondering whether anything is in the pipeline for Peace Convergence 09. Has anyone put their hand up for organising from Brisbane?

    It appears as though not much is happening from the Yepoon end and I reckon it’s going to take a bit of time to assess what 09 could be, including when and where exactly.

    So if anyone can clue me in as to what’s happening, of if nothing at the moment, who’s interested in getting the ball rolling, let me know.

    There is the Asian Pacific Arms Fair happening in November in Adelaide which people are organising around and SOS is obviously this month or next. Both events would be good to have something about what’s going on with militarism in oZ and Pacific.

    Anyway’s Melbourne group are thinking of regrouping and are wondering what ideas and plans others have.

    Email me.

    Editors Note: Kristy’s email is kmhen7@gmail.com


  2. Dear Folks

    Two Chamoru representatives (indigenous people from Guam) are currently touring Australia. Dr Lisa Natividad and Julian Aguon will be speaking at St Mary’s church in Brisbane (cnr Peel & Merivale Streets, South Brisbane) on Saturday June 28. There will be a BBQ at 1pm followed by a public meeting at 2pm. Two Darumbal elders (from the Shoalwater region) will also be attending the event in Brisbane.

    A community dinner (potluck) to welcome both Chamoru activists and Darumbal elders to Brisbane will be held on Thursday June 26, 6pm at St Mary’s Church house.

    For more information phone 0411 118 737 or see http://decolonizeguam.blogspot.com . More information also below.

    Byron, Rick and Melinda went to court last month in Yeppoon (for the ‘hokey-pokey’ and ‘make love not war’ actions – see http://www.peaceconvergence.com for more details). Byron received $500 fine, 6 month good behaviour bond and no conviction recorded. Rick received a $300 fine and Melinda a $300 fine, a good behaviour bond and no conviction. Well done Byron, Rick and Melinda.

    A worldwide hunger strike has been planned for June 22 to oppose the US Star Wars project and the installation of a US military base in the Czech Republic. Read below for more information or go directly to the home page and sign the petition http://nenasili.cz/en/701_homepage

    Finally, the Raytheon 9 who decommissioned the Raytheon offices in Derry, Northern Ireland August 2006 and charged with three counts of criminal damage were unanimously acquitted by a jury this month (June 11). They acted to prevent the commission of war crimes during the Lebanon war by the Israeli armed forces using weapons supplied by Raytheon. To read more visit http://www.raytheon9.org


    The Peace Convergence Team


    What YOU can do!

    Attend the Public Forum: The Hidden War in the Pacific & Community Dinner
    For over 60 years, the United States has held the people of Guam hostage to its military ambitions – US bases cover one third of the total land area of the small Pacific island and there are plans to expand the bases and flood Guam with upwards of 50,000 military personnel and their dependents. The indigenous people of Guam, the Chamoru, have waged a long struggle to protect their land and culture from the effects of militiarisation and colonisation.

    Two representatives of the Chamoru people will be in Brisbane to discuss and to build support for their struggle, to strengthen links between the peace movement in Australia and the people of Guam, and to increase awareness and understanding of the role Australia is playing in the militarisation of the Pacific.

    Both the special guest speakers at the public forum represented the Chamoru people at the Seventh Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York in April 2008.

    Saturday June 28. BBQ: 1pm. Public meeting: 2pm
    St Mary’s Church, cnr Peel & Merivale Sts, Sth Brisbane

    Community Dinner (Potluck) to welcome both Chamoru activists and Darumbal elders to Brisbane.
    Thursday June 26, 6pm at St Mary’s Church house. Please bring something to share.

    Sign a petition and fast on June 22
    The Czech Parliament will have to take a stand about the construction of a US military base and probably it will vote in favour of its installation, even though 70% of the population opposes this plan. Given the urgency of the situation, an on-line petition has been launched to exert pressure on the Parliament and ask that the matter be resolved with a referendum.


    The NMD project of the United States – their national missile defense system, is a very complex project which involves the production of new weapons, and the installation of American military bases in different parts of the planet. In particular, in Europe, the first step is the installation of a radar system in the Czech Republic, and a base for interceptor missiles in Poland. This plan has divided Europe, which at the moment is not able to give a united, coherent and nonviolent response to the United States’ aggressive policies. The reaction of Russia and China has created a “cold war” atmosphere. International tensions are increasing, and the crazy arms race (both conventional and nuclear) has restarted. Above all, the bases are being installed to militarize and control space.

    The majority of Czechs do not want foreign military bases on their territory. The majority of Czechs want to decide these problems themselves by means of a referendum: a fundamental instrument of any democracy.

    You are being asked to support our nonviolent protest! This plan does not involve only us Czechs, but the whole of Europe and the whole world.
    Sign our on-line petition, and pass it on to your friends!
    Send us your messages of support! Help us collect a million signatures!

    Jan Tamáš
    Non-violent Movement against US bases in Czech Republic

    Dana Feminová
    Europe for Peace

    Don’t forget:
    Chamoru People’s visit 5 June – 4 July.
    Hiroshima Day August 6 & Nagasaki Day August 9.
    International Day of Peace September 21.
    Asia Pacific Defence Security Exhibition in Adelaide this November 11-13.
    Talisman Sabre July 6-26 2009

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