Qld power industry day of action

Qld power industry day of action on Wednesday 14th May 2008

with thanks to ASU-Queensland Services Branch

Power Workers RallyMembers employed by Ergon, Energex and Powerlink will be holding a 24-hour strike from 6:00am this coming Wednesday 14th May 2008 to 6:00am the next morning.

The purpose of the strike was to alert the power companies and the State Government (their owner) that their current offer of a 4.3% wage increase is unacceptable (the State’s own CPI is 4.8%!) and that attempts to reduce safety are equally unacceptable.

Rallies were held at a number of key locations around Queensland during the strike, and you can obtain a brochure outlining when and where these rallies will be held by clicking here.

Further up to date information can be found at the ASU Queensland Services Branch website or by contacting the Branch direct (see below).

Contact Details

Name : Jennifer Earl
Telephone : 07 3844 5300
WWW : http://www.asuqld.asn.au/

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  1. Brisbane Labour History

    Some photos taken at the Power Unions Rally and march to Parliament House may be viewed at:



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