It’s Time 7…….

It is time for rank and file workers and all union officials to tell the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin that the wages stolen from Aboriginal workers must be paid in full. The fight against the Queensland government and its continued refusal to pay the wages earned by Aboriginal workers must now be taken up by all rank and file workers.

The attempt by Anna Bligh and her Queensland Indigenous Partnership Minister Lindy Nelson-Carr to pinch some of their pay again by pretending to help educate Aboriginal children in general must be opposed as the cynical manoeuvre that it is. While we would be delighted to see federal, state and local funds made available to educate young Aboriginals, we suggest it be funded properly and augmented by heavily taxing the top corporations and their CEOs to achieve this aim.

We call on all unionists to demand that these wages be paid by Friday, 11.00am, 2nd May. If they are not paid in Queensland then we call on all workers in Queensland to boycott the May Day March.

We intend to support our Murri sisters and brothers in solidarity on the issue by placing a picket line across the route of the March. We will regard every unionist who crosses the line to be scabbing on the their mates. .

We are a group of rank and file workers who were militantly active during the SEQEB Strike in 1985 against Bjelke-Petersen: in the MUA struggle against Corrigan, Reith and Howard 1988; and against Howard’s viscous IR laws.

We say to non-Murri comrades would any of us tolerate this situation if it had happened to us?

This is racism continued.
This is morally reprehensible.
This is union business.

For further information about where we will be grouping on May Day to effect the strategy if the wages remain unpaid.
Rank & File Group:

Bernie Neville
Honorary Member ETU
Ph: (07) 3300 1405

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  1. As the deadline approaches is there any news of the proposed picket line and boycott?

    There have been some developments.

    The following is a message from ANTAR……….

    ANTaR members and supporters please see the following information from Kara Touchie.
    Please remember that this is a Union march and that we are guests of the unions involved.

    Calling all Stolen Wages supporters to be part of the Labour Day March, Monday 5th May.

    Please meet at Astor Tce ( Wharf Street end) at 9AM.

    We will meet the RTBU – Bus Division – in Astor Tce. Those that are unable, or would prefer, can ride on a bus through the march. The QCU will putting together some posters etc but please feel free to bring along your own. The RTBU are more than happy to have an entire bus decked out on Stolen Wages posters/materials, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colours, flags etc. so let’s be creative!

    You should also note that the march this year is 2.5km, so even some of us young ones will probably have difficulty.

    The CFMEU have committed to have 10 people march with them as the first union in the march.

    The ETU have also committed to having a medium sized group of Stolen Wages supporters march with them – they are the second union in the march line up.

    All remaining people have been invited to march with the RTBU and or ride on the Stolen Wages Bus.

    Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.

    Thanks and looking forward to seeing you there.

  2. It’s Time 10.

    After mutually initiated discussions with union leaders we have been given a reassurance that the Queensland Council of Unions will approach ALP Premier Anna Bligh about the issue of Stolen Wages.

    They will indicate to her that the money stolen by her from the Aboriginal unpaid wages fund must be put back in the kitty that remains owed to Murri workers dominated and exploited over 100 years, and to be paid immediately.

    They have apologised to us the fact that the matter could not be resolved before our intended picket line on May Day – Monday, 5th May in Brisbane. They assured us that this is not a manoeuvre to bluff us into closing down our intended course of action.

    Today, Saturday, May 3rd, we had discussions with the groups and individuals who were committed to placing a picket line across the May Day March on Monday, May 5th, to confront Anna Bligh and the ALP leadership on this issue.

    We do believe that the union leaders involved do see this as an industrial issue and urgent union business.

    In fact, this outstanding industrial issue makes the Day of International Solidarity with working class movements (May Day) a hollow event while this huge industrial issue remains unresolved.

    To this end we have resolved to withdraw the picket line planned for May Day and not to proceed with the rally at Centennial Place, from where we intended to block the May Day March.

    We remind our fellow unionists if this trust is broken by ALP connivance with sordid racist industrial policies we will continue our campaign with vigour.

    We ask our supporters to join the Murri contingent who have been invited to march with certain unions in this May Day March, and to remember that the invitation was most likely extended to divide the forces that intended to take direct action on the matter.

    To all Rank & File comrades we express our thanks for seeing clearly ALP Premier Anna Bligh’s policy as a continuation of previous paternalistic racism – morally obnoxious in it’s intention, and an urgent reminder to all unionists of our neglect and laxness in not resolving this.

    In solidarity with our Murri mates and fellow workers,

    Rank & File Group

    Bernie Neville
    Honorary Life Member ETU
    Contact:- Tel: (07) 3300 1405,

    We are a group of rank and file workers who were militantly active during the SEQEB Strike in 1985 against Bjelke-Petersen: in the MUA struggle against Corrigan, Reith and Howard 1988; and against Howard’s vicious IR laws.

    Brian Laver
    Institute for Social Ecology
    Contact: Tel: (07) 3846 5077

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