Forum: Origins of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Dear friends I greet you with peace and God's blessings and mercy. Please find attached an invite to AMARAH's May forum commemorating Al-Nakbah (60 years of ethnic cleansing in Palestine) with guest speaker Dr Halim Rane from Griffith University. Dr Rane is an expert in the area of the Israel-Palestine conflict and will provide the … Continue reading Forum: Origins of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Iraq’s Political Machinations

[ Editor's Note: Pisht-Ashan (spelt in various ways) can be found in the northern corner of Iraq near the borders of Turkey and Iran. It is in mountainous terrain and the massacre there in 1983 is the subject of current speculation in the Iraqi press]. Massacre in Pisht-Ashan — May Day, 1983 In the days … Continue reading Iraq’s Political Machinations

Talisman Sabre 2007 & 2009

Wherefore the Peace Movement — recollections of Talisman Sabre 07, and speculation about the state of the “peace” “movement”. by Brian Law Editor's Note: This article takes up where "Peace Convergence" left off. In part this is in response to a request from Ciaron O'Reilly [Please note that the comments thread for "Peace Convergence" has … Continue reading Talisman Sabre 2007 & 2009

May Day 2008

AS Australia totters on the brink of recession AND with the continuing decline in union struggle workers will assemble in union ranks on May Day 2008 facing a tough future. Union Membership 1911-2007 Why? It has been 10 years since the MUA dispute of 1998. On the eve of the dispute, at Wynnum in Brisbane, … Continue reading May Day 2008

Union Solidarity: Boeing Community Assembly

Editors Note: Please find below a notice from the Melbourne based Union Solidarity Group. These activities are at Fisherman's Bend in Melbourne in support of the Boeing Workers. For May Day activities in Brisbane see "May Day 2008". 1. Family Day / Fundraising Concert 2. Workplace Ombudsman Moves Against Dave Kerin. Family Day / Fundraising … Continue reading Union Solidarity: Boeing Community Assembly

"The Shooting of (Jose Ramos) Horta"

Comments by Robert Wesley-Smith. Editors Note: On Wednesday, 16 April, 2008 SBS Dateline broadcast a program titled "The Shooting of Horta" where Video Journalist Mark Davis travelled to East Timor and reported on the aftermath of the near fatal shooting of President Jose Ramos Horta. A long time East Timor activist, Robert Wesley-Smith, made the … Continue reading "The Shooting of (Jose Ramos) Horta"

Save the Mary River

Media Release 24/4/08 Canoeists and kayakers will converge on the Mary River this Sunday to mark the second anniversary of the announcement of the highly controversial proposal to dam the Mary River at Traveston Crossing. Their canoe "Flotilla" will follow the route of that led by Greens leader Bob Brown when he helped bring the … Continue reading Save the Mary River