No Uranium Mines in Queensland

January 8, 2008

Re: ‘No Uranium Mines in Queensland” fact-finding and awareness raising Tour

Dear friends and colleagues,

Australia is at a critical crossroads of deciding whether it will increase its involvement in the global nuclear industry or support the development of peaceful and sustainable technology. There is increasing pressure on communities to allow more Australian uranium to be mined for export to countries that use nuclear power, many of which are also nuclear weapons states.friends-of-the-dirt-marching-around-in-circles-in-king-george-square.jpg

As you know, Queensland has a long proud history of opposing uranium mining. Labor and the state government currently have a prohibition on the mining of uranium in the state. However, numerous mining companies are exploring for uranium and boasting of profitable finds in Queensland. We are greatly concerned that there will be a push to change Queensland’s “no uranium mine” policy and force uranium mining on indigenous land

With the support of are embarking on a tour of MT Isa to Townsville in either late February or early March for our anti-nuclear campaign. There are proposed uranium mining sites throughout this region & we want to bring it to the attention of the locals. We will be working with local community groups & local aboriginal people to discuss strategies of how to prevent uranium mining. We will be meeting with politicians, aboriginal elders & holding many public meetings to keep everyone informed. Friends Of The Earth Brisbane would like to invite you to be a part of this special journey, to get involved in whatever way you can.

For more information you can contact Robin Taubenfeld on 0411118737 or Robert Jones on 0432956721. Thank you.

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