No union affiliation with ALP!

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I have just read the online petition about “Community and Public Sector Union Affiliation” at:

The petition says,

To:  Stephen Jones, National Secretary, CPSU

As members of the CPSU, we request that the National Secretary obtain the opinion of members by plebiscite on the following question:

“Do you support the CPSU having a policy of no formal affiliations with any political party?”

There should be no union affiliation with any political party.

Ian Curr, May 2007

One thought on “No union affiliation with ALP!

  1. Throsby ALP pre-selection: Pay off for CPSU affiliation with the ALP? says:

    “There will be no socialism without democracy, but equally, no democratic advance outside a socialist perspective.” — Samir Amin.

    There was no democracy in the union when the CPSU affiliated with the ALP. And there was no democracy in the ALP when the national executive gave CPSU Secretary, Stephen Jones, the safest Labor seat in the country as reward for affiliating and providing the ALP with an extra $100,000 per annum in affiliation fees. The Labor Party is a brand name without any substance, where members do not count, it is a failed worker political organisation that functions on public monies to prop up a capitalist system constantly jumping from crisis to crisis.

    With the federal election due next year, the Labor party is going through the process of selecting candidates to run for parliament.

    The safe seat of Throsby has a 23% margin, so whoever is endorsed by Labor has a guaranteed entry into parliament. That being the case, you’d think competition would be fierce, but it’s not. Only one candidate is expected for the safe Labor seat.

    Listen to ABC radio national program on the Throsby Pre-selection

    Jennie George MP
    Member for Throsby

    Rodney Cavalier
    President, Southern Highlands branch, ALP

    Stephen Jones
    National Secretary, CPSU. Labor candidate for Throsby.

    James Carleton

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