Antonioni’s films “The Night” and “The Eclipse”

If you are worried about a new US government starting to bomb Iran or Korea perhaps you may wish to see Antonioni’s “The Eclipse” which is the final film of the trilogy, “The Adventure” and “The Night” set in Italy in the 1960s when industrialisation, alienation and the threat of nuclear war were on many people’s minds.

The films are long and not much really happens in the “The Night (La Notte)” or the “The Eclipse (L’Eclisse)”.

You will have no trouble sleeping after all the excitement.

The scenes of stockbrokers greedily fighting to make money on the floor of “la borsa” (stockexchange) in Rome is great cinema and a revelation to those who have never been.

Antonioni becomes poetic toward the end of both “La Notte” and “L’Eclisse” and his camera no longer sticks to any narrative but shows haunting, isolated, characters stuck in industrial wastelands.

Some may read the theme of the eclipse differently seeing a break-up, love, seduction and isolation instead.

But look out for the ending, the water flowing from a small pool, the wind on the leaves, the workers getting off the bus on their way home, the newspaper headlines declaring that a bomb has been dropped.

‘Happy’ viewing,
Ian Cur

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