Palm Petition

A Meeting was held on Friday 6 October 2006 AT THE JAGARA HALL MUSGRAVE PARK to organise the ongoing campaign for Justice for Aboriginees in Brisbane and Queensland

Murrinyi Doomadgee, 36, died in the Palm Island watchhouse on November 19, 2004, just hours after his arrest after he had said words critical of police (see sidebar for article: Black Deaths in custody — what has the Beattie Government ever done?).

An initial post-mortem examination revealed Murrinyi suffered four broken ribs and a ruptured liver and spleen during a scuffle with his arresting police officer, Snr Sgt Chris Hurley .

On Wednesday, 4 October 2006, Acting coroner, Christine Clements, found Snr Sgt Chris Hurley caused 36-year-old Murrinyi’s death by punching him during a scuffle at the police station on Palm Island, leaving him in the cell to bleed to death.

Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson acknowledged the coroner’s findings that Snr Sgt Hurley was untruthful and would have committed perjury on two occasions.

The call from the community meeting at Jagara Hall on Friday 6 October 2006 is to sack Snr Sgt Hurley!

At the public meeting today Sam Watson from Murri watch said:

“A RALLY AND MARCH will be held on Tuesday 10th October 2006 to present the following petition to parliament… Sam Watson went on to say that we need 5,000 people to come with us to present this petition to parliament?

Please get workmates and friends to fill out the attached petition and give to Natalie (Assistant Director, Musgrave Park Cultural Centre) in Jagera Hall at 121 Cordelia Street South Brisbane in the south-east end of Musgrave Park.

To: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

The petition of the undersigned citizens of Queensland draws to the attention of the House the need to act urgently on the findings of the State Coroner in the matter of the death of an Aboriginal man, Murrinyi in the Palm Island watch-house on November 19th, 2004.

Your petitioners therefore request the House to instruct the Police Commissioner to terminate the employment of Senior Sergeant Hurley forthwith and to provide every support and assistance to the Director of Public Prosecutions to finalize her assessment of the Coroner’s findings so that criminal charges may be brought against certain parties who were responsible for the unlawful killing of Murrinyi.




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