May Day, May Day – is there anyone out there for Julian?

Julian Assange ‘has done more to highlight war crimes in the last 20 years [than anyone else] ‘and I once again call for the release of Julian Assange ‘- Paul Gavan MP in the Irish parliament.

Monday, May 2 (2022) was the Brisbane/Meanjin May Day March. An Assange contingent marched with Julian’s union the MEAA (Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance). Julian needs us now. He’s in prison for us, facing 175 years for publishing the truth about US war crimes. Look at the Assange shirt.

Ciaron and friend for Julian Assange at the annual May Day rally

Anthony Albanese was there trying to make Julian invisible. We were out in the streets for him.

The Assange contingent waited at the start of the march with a large banner, so we were difficult to miss as this picture demonstrates!

About 20 of Julian’s supporters joined in with the MEAA (media entertainment and arts alliance) when they passed.  They were joined by the Citizens Party* after the Queensland police ordered them to remove their gazebo and stall. The police seemed to be doing the work of the Labor Party in curtailing their right to free speech. We gave them (Citizens Party) placards with images of Assange and the slogan, Free Speech and they brought  their megaphone, so we chanted “Journalism is not a crime!” and “Free Assange!” all the way to the Exhibition ground. The police walked along beside the contingent all the way so they knew their right to Free Speech was well protected (ironic)! It was a most enjoyable day. The Citizens Party are great supporters of Julian.

John Jiggens
4 May 2022

*The Citizens Party are the reborn Citizens Electoral Council but with a strong admiration of Lyndon Larouche. Historically, the roots of their movement could be traced back to the League of Rights and the Social Credit movement: rural radicals who were interested in bank reform; fighting the money power was how it was framed, rather than state ownership of the means of production. Farmers tended to see bankers as their enemy, rather than capitalists. One of the Citizens Party main policies is support for Christine Holgate’s plans to turn Australia Post into a publicly-owned competitor to the four major banks.

John Jiggens
5 May 2022

2 thoughts on “May Day, May Day – is there anyone out there for Julian?

  1. Free Julian
    He is not a traitor but a victim of traitors.
    He really got in trouble when he reported on the war news, especially the article about ” paying leaders to fight in their countries.
    The twin towers was news, and anybody can access Covert Operations and see the crimes themselves , the news tells of the new deal that come to the world in 1947-48. It’s in the Bible ” the anti christ kingdom”, and it’s in history books, all the agencies put in place to go against their Constitutional principals, and trade freedom for agendas. Look up agenda 31. Operation Northwoods, it’s in the covert operations back in Kennedys time, Kennedy was for America and he didn’t buy into shooting down an American Plane and blaming Cuba.
    Hitler’s desire to rule the world is becoming more evident as time goes on. Too scary are those who’s desires to call murdering twenty eight day old baby’s an abortion. One of the leaders for that heinous crime said babies don’t feel anything. If that’s so why does it cry from a shot.

    How can he possibly get a fair trial in a country that accepted a new world order and formed another form of government, one whose leaders want to be the first to go in the NWO, for more power, a treasonous statement from a person supporting an overthrow of their own government.
    Look up Operation Paperclip, and Operation cia
    Julian was taken up on false charges and from the ” great trespassing ” of Jan.6. The treatment those people got. When I say trespassing, the White House belongs to the American people, not the politicians, the politicians are employed by the people. We know he won’t get justice, they didn’t give trespassers due process of law after Jan. 6.
    They lied about Trump, and basically went after the right to assemble, now they’re after our guns and freedom of speech.
    Look at COINTELPRO and see who issued all the warrants to carry it out.

    Free Julian, he didn’t release anything that people didn’t know about, they just didn’t talk about it.
    Obama didn’t know about the paper signing to stay and pay to fight in other countries until Wikileaks put it out and they were all over the News the day the towers were hit procrastinating when the war would end, (Rommel and Mac Arthur didn’t have a timeline, it was fight a war.)
    He come out in one of his speeches and said he knew he promised to stop the war but he couldn’t, he was mad, he said ” I remember when they started this war, it would be like squashing an ant, it’s been the ant that’s ate the American economy. ” which takes us back to hitlers idea of how to take over a country, the part about destroying its economy, getting it so far in debt that it would be glad to give over. The American people are not blind nor is the rest of the world.
    The unnecessary involvement in other people’s civil wars.

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