# Vote Them Out

The Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, waited till Palm Sunday (10 April) to declare the Federal election. The election will be held on 21 May 2022. Morrison claims that he ‘was called to do God’s work as prime minister‘. A curious line when you consider that about one in three Australians do not identify with any religion.

How does Morrison and his Defence Minister, Peter Dutton, and Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, measure up in the Good Samaritan stakes? In the 2019 Federal Election over 25% of voters in Australia showed their disenchanted with the mainstream parties around crucial questions and voted for independents or minor parties. In the 2022, this disenchanted vote is likely to be higher.


Undemocratic Practices
I don’t usually vote Green but I do not approve of LNP trying to rub out the opposition by banning their yardsigns … this is my how-to-vote card for this year’s federal election … people can chose for themselves how to achieve this result!

Brisbane City Council has placed a limit on political signage in front yards and threatened the Greens candidate Max Chandler-Mather and his supporters with fines if they do not remove the yardsigns (pictured). Will the sitting member and the other candidates come out against this attack on democratic rights? I doubt it, because, unlike the Greens, they are fully cashed up. Like Queensland’s own oligarch, Clive Palmer, with his monstrous yellow signs shouting out “Freedom”. Palmer does not know the meaning of the word — unless it is the freedom to exploit workers as he did at Yabulu Nickel mine just north of Townsville!  @Workers BushTelegraph 

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One thought on “# Vote Them Out

  1. In the Westminster systems of government, a khaki election is any national election which is heavily influenced by wartime or postwar sentiment.

    Margaret Thatcher won the 1983 elections in Britain on the back of the Falklands war.

    Is the Morrison government attempting to do the same through the Australian government’s committment to the war in Ukraine?

    The Morrison LNP government is giving arms and cash towards a proxy war with Russia in the Ukraine. For example, armoured vehicles are assembled in Redbank in Ipswich and arms dealer, Thales, has offices in Murrarie in Brisbane/Meanjin. Morrison announced Armoured cars are being sent to Ukraine in the lead up to the election campaign. The government is hoping a New Darwin port could help replace US Pearl Harbour naval facility … see https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/new-darwin-port-could-help-replace-us-pearl-harbor-naval-facility-20220331-p5a9q8.html

    Morrison plans east coast base for nuclear powered submarines … see https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/australia-to-finalise-nuclear-subs-deal-before-federal-election-dutton-20220306-p5a25r.html

    These worrying developments help make Brisbane/Meanjin a military target.

    Covid is still rife in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Will people vote against the government because of the Morrison’s failure to deal properly with the pandemic?

    Ian Curr
    14 April 2022


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