Ukraine’s Putin Problem

This bibliography about the war in Ukraine is compiled by Ukrainian Priest, Martin ψ Мартин [Martin Arnold] – Священик Української Греко-Католицької Епархії Австралії, Нової Зеландії та Океанії 

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As the document was compiled in Google Docs there are some formatting issues which WBT will try to resolve. In the meantime, you can scroll down in the window below to see the full bibliography or go to this link to see the original.

Image: The photo shows the ‘little green men’, the RF troops who removed insignia as they began the occupation of Crimea.  The cartoon shows the kind of freedom exercised by participants in the plebiscite.  (I expect that you are aware that, just to be on the safe side from the Kremlin viewpoint, the question in the plebiscite was “Yes – Crimea is part of Russian or No – Crimea is not part of Ukraine”?).

Ian Curr
Editor WBT
May 2022

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