War in Ukraine

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This bibliography about the war in Ukraine is compiled by Ukrainian Priest, Martin ψ Мартин [Martin Arnold] – Священик Української Греко-Католицької Епархії Австралії, Нової Зеландії та Океанії 

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Ian Curr
27 March 2022

9 thoughts on “War in Ukraine

  1. * 24 * / 1 [My Russian-language ability is poor, but I think I get the drift of the Statement of the Congress. Russian speakers, please correct any gaffs; everyone else, take my words with caution for the time being.]

    On 7 March 2022, the Congress of the Oirat-Kalmyk People condemned the invasion by RF into Ukraine begun on 24 February. They conclude: Нет войне! Миру Мур! “No War! The World for Peace!” If the Congress is in correspondence with Razem, Razem won’t have to spend hours explaining the matter (see * 20 * Zosia Brom).

    Like Ukrainians generally, I am moved and grateful that the Congress, which has its own Putin problem, should so swiftly and unreservedly condemn the invasion.
    Secondly, I admire the courage of the Congress, who dissent knowing that Putin reacts murderously or brutally to dissent.
    Third, while Russia [Federation] may not be Falling Apart just yet, there are elsewhere signs of growing public outrage and reports of acts betraying desperation in the inner councils of Putin.

    * 24 * / 2

    How Russia is recruiting Mercenaries by Hanan Razek and Ilya Barabanov looks into that shady world.

    * 24 * / 3

    For (pope) Francophiles: Francis’ envoys in Ukraine by Inés San Martín for Crux.
    “Even in the worst situations, we have this vocation to look for dialogue,” [the Papal nuncio to Ukraine] said [on] Friday. “We would no longer be the church, I would no longer be able to call myself a priest, a bishop, if we were to say, ‘from this moment on, no more dialogue’.” Forwarded by Yuri Koszarycz.

    Yrs affly,


    * 24 *

    Congress of the Oirat-Kalmyk People condemn the invasion by RF

    How Russia is recruiting Mercenaries by Hanan Razek and Ilya Barabanov for the BBC

    Vatican’s man in Ukraine by Inez San Martin

  2. I refer to the article ‘What Stalemate means in Ukraine and why it matters?‘ at * 33 * in The Putin Problem. Please see a more complete essay at Stalemate? .

    ‘Stalemate’ is a term taken from chess. It is a rule of chess that when the King can’t move because that would put him in check, the game is over. By this time most of the pieces have been lost, this includes most or all of the pawns. It is a desperate ending to a game that results in a draw, but it is a definite ending.

    12th-century Lewis chessmen in the collection of the National Museum of Scotland.

    Of course there are some parallels with war but we should not forget war is not a game because many people get killed including the ordinary people not directly involved in the fighting. These people are moved around like pawns as has happened in Ukraine to women, children, the old people and, it seems, to young Russian soldiers, conscripts who did not know what was to come.

    The prognosis laid out by the Washington Institute for the Study of War is chilling:

    “If our assessment is correct, then the West must increase efforts to supply Ukraine with all the materials it will need to survive as a country and continue fighting during conditions of stalemate and siege, which will be brutal.”

    What does this mean? They want Ukrainians to fight a proxy war against Russia. The US government is to support them until the last Ukrainian patriot dies. The US government should be suing for peace but no, they want to double down.

    In the war in Ukraine even Russian generals are getting killed but they at least know what to expect. Or are they forced to participate in another pointless war in Europe?

    Will Presidents Zelensky and Putin get killed by this war. Maybe. But it is more likely that neither will die. The elites behind them don’t die, at least not because of the war they backed and make money out of. Ukrainian and Russian people are dying in a holy war over land in the East that should have been resolved in the United Nations. But both Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs refused to come to the table preferring competition to peace. Ukraine is to be destroyed by the profiteers.

    I do not accept the assumptions of this conservative article ‘What Stalemate means in Ukraine and why it matters?‘ published by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) in the US capital, Washington. Who are these people? They gave their analysis of illegal and inhumane wars in Iraq and Afghanistan before this one. Did they lift a finger to stop either war? Did they ever ask the people of Afghanistan and Iraq whom they speak of as pawns in a game, did they ever ask them what they thought of the American occupation of those two countries? Do they speak out against how the United States left their allies against the Taliban, how they left them to die? Or how they used and abused the people of Iraq and Afghanistan? How the US then fled without even taking people who had helped them fight either Saddam or the Taliban?

    Surely we should not treat people as pawns in a game that is played by an elite in some far off country?

    We should heed the words of Ross Gwyther speaking at a protest against Peter Dutton’s war mongering at the Hilton last week:

    “The working people of Ukraine have the right to self-determination and sovereignty, to determine their country’s future.  They suffer as pawns in a proxy war between the United States, NATO and Russia.  The invasion of the Ukraine is unacceptable in international law.  And equally, we need to condemn the continued military expansion of NATO which precipitated this crisis.”

    Workers of all countries unite!

    in solidarity,
    Ian Curr
    29 March 2022

    * 33 *
    is an important short essay by Frederick W. Kagan. If, like me, you think of chess when you think of stalemate (“boring but no piece gets killed”), then know that military strategists use the word very differently.

    What Stalemate means in Ukraine and why it Matters


  3. Martin Arnold / о. Мартин says:

    I add to Ian’s remark links to Russian peace-seeking societies which have issued calls for an end to the war:
    (1) Feminists produced the succinct “Manifesto by Russian Feminists” (from soon after 24 February 2022)
    [ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J7GIMstEhqxsnfD8y3rtWvZ0c0IEY_rOTznAQOP-AFE/edit ]
    (2) the Russian Anti-War Committee produced these two statements
    [ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FfRIj02VzlBJ-k8sZ5jEdMXypAxuOZzyJwrmhzqh2Zc/edit ]

    I believe that the vast mass of Ukrainians would endorse these statements unreservedly, and are grateful to Russians and all people of good will who work for a just peace in Ukraine.

    UGC priest

  4. Here is the English translation of the founding statement by The Anti-War Committee of Russia established on February 27, 2022 by a group of exiled Russian elite. I have no idea how popular this statement would be either in Kyiv or Moscow, bearing in mind it is made by a newly formed committee in response to the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

    “On February 24, 2022, the Russian leadership, led by Vladimir Putin, unleashed an aggressive war against Ukraine. In the eyes of the world, this war crime was committed on behalf of the entire country, all Russians.

    As citizens of the Russian Federation, we, against our will, were responsible for the violation of international law, the military invasion and the mass loss of life. The enormity of the crime committed leaves no room for silence or passive dissent.

    For people who grew up on the ideals of a world free of Nazism, a war of aggression is the most terrible and shameful thing in the world. Non-resistance to such a war is aiding and abetting. And resistance is the only possible and proper course of action.

    The anti-war committee of Russia is based on a simple principle, which is very important for us. There is a clear difference between Russians, involuntary participants in Putin’s adventures, and those who consciously assist Putin’s regime in fratricidal aggression.

    We bear moral responsibility for failing to prevent the war, for allowing the treacherous attack by Russian troops on a neighbouring country. But the direct participants in the invasion – the generals who devised the plan and Russia’s political leadership – should be called war criminals. Each and every one of them individually, and all of them together, must be punished for what they have done. For the crimes they committed there is no statute of limitations, and they must be paid what they deserve, no matter how long the world and their victims may have to wait for it.

    The Anti-War Committee of Russia appeals to governments of the world to take a principled stand with regard to violators of international law.

    The Anti-War Committee appeals to all true patriots of Russia to consolidate in the fight against the aggressive dictatorship of Vladimir Putin, regardless of any political differences, ideological differences and personal sympathies or antipathies.

    Members of Anti-War Committee of Russia (descriptions from Wikipedia):

    Mikhail Khodorkovsky, (Russian oligarch and oil millionaire).

    Garry Kasparov, (former world chess champion and Presidential hopeful).

    Sergei Aleksashenko, (Russian economist and former first deputy chairman of the board of the Central Bank of Russia).

    Sergei Guriev, (Russian economist and chief economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development).

    Yuri Pivovarov, historian, member of Russian Academy of Sciences.

    Yevgeny Kiselyov, Russian interpreter in Iran and Afghanistan during the Soviet–Afghan War, (former political talk show host in Ukraine).

    Vladimir Kara-Murza, (London based journalist and author of Reform or Revolution: The Quest for Responsible Government in the First Russian State Duma (in Russian only), which recounts the unsuccessful attempt by the Cadets or Constitutional Democratic Party to form a government during the brief existence of the first Russian Parliament or Duma from April to July 1906.)

    Dmitry Gudkov, (politician. Gudkov was expelled from the party on 13 March 2013 after it accused him of “calling on the American authorities to interfere in Russia’s internal affairs”).

    Boris Zimin, (Israeli based entrepreneur and member of Soviet Armed Forces from 1987-1989, carrying out most of his service in Kazakhstan).

    Yevgeny Chichvarkin, (Russian mobile phone retailer and oligarch).

    Viktor Shenderovich, (scriptwriter of popular political puppet show Kukly (Puppets) based in Poland).

    Ian Curr

    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

  5. War is too important to be left to generals and politics is too important to be left to parliamentarians; and politics is the art of the possible.

    The progress of arms affects politics. (The rapid occupation of northern France by Germany in 1940 left many demoralised French wishing to compromise, so the Vichy government was formed.)

    In following the course of Putin’s war on Ukraine, I have found the reports of the Institute for the Study of War invaluable. They are read by strategists but phrased so that those of us who don’t know the discipline can understand them. The Institute seeks to be objective, but it seems clear to me that they are pro-Ukrainian; but, unlike the Ukrainian General Staff or Defence Ministry, they don’t write to encourage morale.

    ISW seems to be politically conservative, but I’d be surprised and disappointed if any of them is pro-Trump.

    Their reports are concise and begin with a summary. I eagerly await the morning report and pore over the detail with the aid of an atlas and occasional recourse to google. But I reckon that you could profitably read only the summary in one or two minutes.

    Free, gratis and for nothing. And although they invite donations, so far they haven’t sent me a single ad.

    I urge you all to subscribe or to read the website.

    For political news and reports from external agencies, many Ukrainians rely on the BBC World Service in English, Ukrainian or Russian. It is mostly pro-liberal, but it also quotes the other side. Perhaps the BBC’s habit of giving prominence to liberal Russians enabled us wishful thinkers to imagine that there was a huge mob of Russians just waiting for a cause to throw out M. Putin. Of course, there are millions in RF who think he’s a deadshit, but not, it seems, a majority.

    RUSI does strategic analysis like ISW, but with much more political or diplomatic comment. Lawrence Freedman and his son Sam produce Comment is Freed (much of which is free, gratis & for nothing,)

    Adam Something is often witty and to the point. Something introduced me to Queensland’s very model of a modern Major-General (recently retired) Mick Ryan but I think that he’s been called out of retirement, probably to help discern what can be learned from RF’s army’s ineptitude or whether there’s something to learn from UA’s resistance, so his public comments have dried up.

    I follow the European Council on Foreign Relations at the mo’ for info. on politics, and sometimes openDemocracy for an American leftish view.

    Of Ukrainian sources, Pravda (www.pravda.com.ua) and Kyiv Independent are sometimes useful. Pravda also has a business e-zine Ekonomichna Pravda, but only in Russian & Ukrainian.

    Otherwise, the things which you read about in Ukraine’s Putin Problem come from diverse sources. I’ll strive henceforth to mention them in the notes.

    Yrs evr affly,

    Martin ψ Мартин

    Ψ Telephone (617) 33 42 01 79
    Ψ Capella Street, Coorparoo or ‘Dot’s Spot’ 126 Juliette Street, Greenslopes
    Ψ Web page (inchoate): https://martinoarnold.wordpress.com
    Ψ Skype: Martin Arnold (live:.cid.19c15effcb98a842)
    Ψ Zoom: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/4624888340

    Martin Arnold ψ о. Мартин – Священик Української Греко-Католицької Епархії Австралії, Нової Зеландії та Океанії

  6. Kicking Russia out of the UN? says:

    The war in Ukraine should never have begun. Now the President of Ukraine tells the United Nations it should exclude Russia. How is that going to achieve peace. Someone tell me how kicking Russia out of the Security Council is going to work?

    Article 1 – The Purposes of the United Nations are:

    1. To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace, and to bring about by peaceful means, and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace …

    WBT continues to publish Martin’s “The Putin Problem” from a position that the war in Ukraine was and still is solvable if there is an immediate ceasefire and that the parties seek to resolve their differences through the United Nations.

    Next month Justice for Palestine will commemorate al Nakba (the catastrophe) in King George Square on Friday 13 March 2022 … please see also that this Sunday 10th April there will be the annual rally for peace on Palm Sunday in Meanjin/Brisbane at 2pm in King George Square.


    We are hearing the following from the UN political affairs chief Rosemary DiCarlo that the United Nations had received credible allegations “that Russian forces have used cluster munitions in populated areas at least 24 times“.

    We specifically refer people to longer standing conflicts that have been systematically ignored in the West to the detriment of millions of refugees.

    One such example is that of Palestinian people who have been under genocidal attack by the apartheid state of Israel for over 70 years yet still resist the interference of both the United States and Israel acting in concert to drive out the original inhabitants from Palestine and to replace them with a settler state. The UN found that Israel used cluster bombs in Lebanon and white phosphorus in Gaza, yet not a single sanction has been imposed by the US, Britain or Australia. Why?

    Rain of Fire in Palestine

    We thank Martin for his bibliography and for the diverse sources he uses to inform us of the conflict.

    in solidarity,
    5 April 2022

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