Say no to war in the Ukraine

In 1994, the Ukraine held the third largest nuclear arsenal in the world.  The nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl occurred within its borders. In Why is the Ukraine the West’s fault? Professor Mearsheimer from Chicago University was almost alone in opposing United States government interference in the Ukraine led by President Bill Clinton.

Now, another Democrat President, Joe Biden, is talking up a war against Russia with the support of both NATO, and the UK & Australian governments.

Conscious of Australia’s bi-partisan political support for the US and NATO’s actions in Eastern Europe we ask people to sign the IPAN letter to Prime Minister Morrison calling for:

For the US and UK to encourage the Minsk agreement parties, Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine who signed the agreement in 2015, to resolve the current crisis

For the United Nations to be the institution tasked to manage the wider implications of the current crisis and to seek peace between the parties

To ensure no nuclear weapons are on stand by in the current crisis.

Strategic importance of the Ukraine in defence of Asia and Eastern Europe from aggressors US, UK, NATO and Western European states.

To endorse this letter go to:

Ian Curr

14 February 2022

One thought on “Say no to war in the Ukraine

  1. samir sardana says:

    Unless Russian Oil and Gas is sanctioned – sanctions ate meaningless !

    All Russian Bank sanctions will fail as the payment gateway will be PBOC and its banks like CCB.Between China and Russia – settlement will be in Yuan/Roubles

    So PO is from Moscow and LC is opened from a CHINESE BANK – but need not be in China – AS IT BE FROM ITS BRANCH IN LONDON !

    US and EU cannot SANCTION Chinese banks !

    Same option for marine and hull insurance and reinsurance !

    By allowing Oil and Gas exports,NATO and EU is allowing Putin to stock up USD – before SWIFT – when Putin might take out Oil and Gas to EU !

    Which is what US wants – as it wants the NATO nations,to pay more,for the NATO umbrella ! dindooohindoo

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