Leaky Subs

The contretemps around lying to the perfidious French has made no mention of the long-standing calls for Open Diplomacy. That is what the Bolsheviks did when they exposed the Sykes-Picot-Sazonov scheme to divide the Middle East for what has become ‘the Peace to End All Peace,’ as Field-Marshall Viscount Wavell put it.

Recently we have benefitted from Wikileaks and the Snowden Papers to show what diplomats get up to when sent abroad to lie for their country’s good.

The substantial problem is that the Coalition and its loyal non-Opposition have sunk what they call our national security under a Quad of liabilities: to the failed state of the Un-tied Kingdom, which may or may not be able to find anywhere East of Suez on a map; to the United Mistakes which has not been on the winning side in a war since 1945, apart from its invasion of Granada; to Modi’s BJP, which is likely to get us into in a nuclear exchange with the no less bonkers Pakistanis; and to the revanchist* faction now running the LDP** who dream of reinvading Formosa***.  

One might add that no one in the Japan’s Self-Defense Forces has fired a shot in anger in seventy-six years, and so would prove a hazard in operational terms, though they are dab hands at golf shots.

Humphrey McQueen
November 7, 2021

*one who advocates or fights for the recovery of lost territory or status
** The Liberal Democratic Party (自由民主党, Jiyū-Minshutō), frequently abbreviated to LDP or Jimintō (自民党), is a conservative political party in Japan.

***The main island of Taiwan, known historically in Portuguese and English as Formosa.

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